Everything You Need to Know About Click Funnels


In a world where eCommerce is the most reliable and sustainable source of buying goods at a fair price, affiliate marketing is booming with burning colors. Today is one such day when I am going to review the top of the industry affiliate marketing tool which goes by the name of ClickFunnels. But before heading straight to ClickFunnels review, let’s first understand what affiliate marketing primarily is.

Affiliate marketing is known to be the most profitable method of earning revenue online. It is there, for quite some time now, the concept is simple. If you are a blogger having a website and let us assume you blog about fashion, now when you refer something on your blog, and the reader ends up purchasing that same item from the affiliate link you have shared in your website. You receive a fair amount of commission from the eCommerce store.

Now we are going to talk about ClickFunnels. But before that…

What is Clickfunnels?

I know what you might have been thinking by now, why am I talking about affiliate marketing in a ClickFunnels review article. Yes, that’s perhaps it is the best recommendable tool for the same purpose.

ClickFunnel is the brainchild of Mr. Russel Brunson, which has made millions of online users utilize his very own software. To state it in a small way, it is an all in one funnel software used for sales which also supports an autoresponder, an email service, and a shopping cart.
Safe to say it is one of the most efficient funnel software available on the market right now.

With this, you will have complete command over your desired income. Allocate autoresponder to take care of your emails or follow-ups and boost sales at the same time. With this, the need for services like Aweber and MailChimp doesn’t exist. As this, allows you to manage and keep track of your outcome both at the same time.

ClickFunnels Features

A ClickFunnelsreview article is incomplete without talking about the features.

  • Build page links for sales with just a drop and drag editor
  • Build funnels to guide potential buyers to the right product page and follow up with them once the purchase is fulfilled
  • Create forms to gather the information you want from your audience
  • Introduce logins and memberships in your site


  • An alternative and fresh way to create a tunnel compared to the old and lame way
  • Easy to use
  • Feature rich tool
  • You can do almost anything with this tool


  • A little time consuming
  • A little expensive
  • Can be tough to understand initially

Final Verdict:

ClickFunnels surely guides you to build the most promising marketing funnels. The functionality of the tool is easy to organize your first tunnel.

Also, the community is great at solving any problem you have. It doesn’t matter you have done a course on affiliate marketing or not, Clickfunnels have what it takes to achieve success tour business.

However, you have to spend some quality time to understand the entire concept thoroughly. I would suggest going with Clickfunnels will be a good deal.