Happy Employees, Happy Employer: How to Keep a Positive Work Space

happy employees

Did you know that happy employees are up to 20% more productive than employees that aren’t happy?

It’s no wonder that more employers are looking into ways of keeping their employees happy.

Have you heard the saying happy employees, happy employer but don’t know how to create a positive workspace?

Keep reading to learn how to keep your employees happy.

How to Keep a Positive Work Space and Happy Employees

Having a positive workspace and happy employees is key to having higher productivity and more satisfied customers. In order for business growth, it needs constant cash flow which comes from retaining customers and bringing in new sales through new customers. If employees are not happy it will show, and it will turn customers away.

Learning how to hire positive, happier employees from the start will make it easier to maintain a positive workspace. Places like USC MSAP teach about using psychology tools to hire the best employee from the beginning.


It helps to tell employees when they’re doing a good job. Make sure to acknowledge and let employees know. It’s easy to assume that they know they’re appreciated, but making it a point to tell them will go a long way and keep employees happy.

Fair Pay

Sometimes employers cut back on paying employees to save money, but take a look at what you’re paying everyone to make sure it’s fair for the work the person is doing. Put yourself in your employee’s shoes and ask yourself if you would be happy with the pay in relation to the work. If an employee feels they’re getting paid a fair amount, they will be more than happy to do their work.

Team Building Activities

This is a great way to gather different employees and have them bond together. You can plan a weekly potluck, a monthly outing unrelated to work, or anything else you find appropriate.

These activities will help keep the morale higher, provide bonding between fellow co-workers, and you will gain more respect as the employer.

Be Courteous

Have you ever had that rude boss? Most people have had that experience. Don’t be that person that everyone can’t stand.

Treat people with respect, the same way you expect others to treat you. This doesn’t mean to put up with out of line or bad behavior; it means to be pleasant and courteous to your employees who are working hard.


Micromanaging is exhausting, and it’s not great if you want to have a positive workspace. Trust your employees to do the job they were hired to do without watching every move. Employees will appreciate not being treated as if they were kids and, in turn, will happily do their work plus some.

Final Thoughts

Maintaining happy employees doesn’t have to be stressful. Building a good team will leave you feeling great at the end of the day because everyone is winning and has the same goal in mind—to see the business grow and succeed.

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