6 Tips to Increase Creativity to Brainstorm Excellent Business Ideas

increase creativity

Business ideas come from the entrepreneur’s brain. But, best business ideas come when your creativity is on a higher possible level. So, you will need to increase creativity to brainstorm excellent business ideas.

When I talk about the best business ideas I mean of business ideas with the highest level of business potential energy. But, when we come to creativity, we have a problem because we are not always creative.

Another problem is that creativity can come in many different places, and we cannot remember what comes into our brain at that time. How can we stimulate our creativity to discover the best possible business ideas that can be transformed into the successful business?

Let’s start with the basics.

What is creativity

According to Wikipedia, creativity is defined as a:

mental and social process involving the generation of new ideas or concepts, or new associations of the creative mind between existing ideas or concepts.

When I think about the creativity first that comes to my mind is that creativity is the process of creative thinking. Thinking is the process of using our brain to generate ideas about something. That something can be problems that we want to solve and decisions we want to make. On the other side, every business idea must be viewed as something that will solve problems for some persons that have those problems.

Another aspect of creativity that I want to note here is the quality of the results from that process – ideas. The creativity must bring quality results. When we are not creative we will have ideas that are not with the best quality as we want.

Because of that creativity in business purpose is the process of creative thinking that will result in quality business ideas that will have a higher level of business potential energy.

Six Tips to Increase Creativity

There are too many ways for maximizing creativity. Some are good for one group of individuals, some for another. However, here are six simple tips that can help you in the process of maximizing your own creativity:

1. Always have the notebook with you.

You never know where and when you will have some business ideas. Maybe you can come with ideas when you launch, watching TV, relaxing, driving a car or bike… If you don’t note those ideas you can’t remember them. Because of that, it is a good idea always to have the notebook with you. This can be the peace of paper, small notebooks, mobile phone, laptop… The simplest way is to use your smart phone and Evernote.

2. Change the routines in your life.

Every time when we make something we make it with some previous habits that we have. Something that we know we do without thinking. But, it is different if we change the way, how we can do it. If we change our routine activities of everyday life, then we will increase our creativity. In such a way, we will automatically confront some problems that will need to be solved. This will put the need of our creativity.

3. Observe everything around you.

Wherever you go observe the things around you. After observing, start answering questions about why you see all those things. This will wake creativity within you.

4. Networking.

Without a networking at this level of your business when you want to find good business ideas, chances for success is minimal. Meet different people, exchange different opinions, experiences with them and that will bring you new ideas into your brain. Don’t forget the Internet and different social networks for expanding your network. Use all those thinkings, experiences, and ideas in your own business idea creation process. This will help you to have some network before your business really starts to operate. On the other hand, all these friends in your network can become potential customers for your future business.

5. Start reinventing things around you.

Take different products and give them additional different perspective. Combine two or three products into one. Think about the different usage of current products around you. All these activities will help you to increase creativity and to create different business ideas.

6. Use places that increase creativity.

Everywhere around you, there are places that can increase your creativity. For example, the creative place is driving alone in your car. Different researches have approved that as a place that increases creativity is showering in your bath, toilet, boring meetings, driving the car alone, running… Because of that, find your creative places and use them in the business idea creation process.

These are not one and only things to increase creativity but they can help you in the process. Something that is most important is at the end of the process to have the great business idea. How you will increase that creativity, in the end, is up to you. Because different people have different ways of increasing creativity.