136 Business Ideas to Start Your Entrepreneurial Journey in 2024

Business Ideas to Start Your Entrepreneurial Journey

Do you want to find a business idea that can bring you success in 2024? This practical guide demystifies 136 different and high-potential business ideas as possible businesses to start this year.

So, look into this essential reading about business ideas with clear, concise insights into entrepreneurial success in 2024.

What to Do Before You Decide About Business Idea?

As you already see from the title of this article, it is a listicle blog post with small business ideas you can think about starting. But I must mention that you need to be careful. Many of these ideas already exist on the market, so these are not business ideas that will leave you without competition.

Also, I already know many of these unique small business ideas because I have consulted small business owners for all of them. But, one critical mistake I have seen is when they think everything is a quick-reach possibility. The fact is that it’s not the case. You must redefine many things if you want to start with a great business idea.

I can easily say that these business ideas are the most profitable business ideas or the best small business ideas to start your own business. But, I can not say that because each of these small business ideas will require unique touch points that will differentiate your business from the competition.

So, based on this list of small business ideas, let’s explain what you must do before starting your own small business.

Develop Your Unique Business Ideas Development Process

You will probably ask yourself why I need a business ideas development process when I can look at this list and select one I will start.

Yes, you are right that you can easily select one of these 141 small business ideas. But these are possible niches, and the purpose is to relate yourself to something where you feel that you are the best. However, you will still need a process to develop your selected niche or one business idea. Only in such a way will you create something unique.

Many years ago, I developed a list of 50 questions that I used to send to “would-be” business owners to use as a business ideas development process. So, first read these 50 questions and answer all of them. 

Brainstorming is Still Important, But Don’t Underestimate Business Plan

The second mistake you could make is taking one of these small business ideas without brainstorming how to improve it. Remember, your business success will depend on your unique, not copy-and-paste system.

Again, I have developed 40 tips to brainstorm business ideas based on my own research and experience working with different types of entrepreneurs. So, use them to brainstorm ideas to improve your business idea or to combine several small business ideas from this list into one.

Before you start a business, you will need a business plan as a roadmap to your success. You can build your own business plan template and use it for the idea you select. Through your business plan you will look at different aspects of your new business and ensure everything will be as you want to be.

Conduct 3-Step Business Ideas Creation Process

Also, I would like to tell you that if you really want to create a list of profitable business ideas, you must conduct these 3-steps business ideas creation process:

  • Brainstorm
  • Analyse and
  • Define your target market.

So, you must research the market and then validate your small business ideas to ensure that they are the best small business ideas you can use to start your own business.

Also, you can use one methodology I developed years ago, business potential energy. You can measure the business potential energy inside all small business ideas you select from this list. When you analyze the idea, you must analyze possible startup costs that the idea will require as an initial investment. Startup costs are important because they will tell you how much money you will need (initial investment) to start a business.

Now, let’s dive into the best small business ideas 🙂.

Online Business Ideas

Online small business ideas are those ideas you can use to start your own business without a physical location and totally online.

1. Blogging

I started my first blog in 2007, and I can say that a blogging business is one of the easiest and low-cost small business idea that can help you become a successful business owner. This business idea will require you to create educational and informational content that will interest potential readers.

Monetizing a blog is not something that will happen quickly. You must attract a high readership level and try monetizing that traffic. Usually, monetization approaches that bloggers use are the following:

  1. Advertising. 
  2. Affiliate marketing
  3. Sponsored posts. 
  4. Sell your own products and services.

A great example of a blog turning into a profitable business is “Moz.” Rand Fishkin and Gillian Muessig launched Moz in 2004 as a blog that covers SEO (Search Engine Optimization) topics. Moz has since then grown into a leading SEO software company.


2. Online course and training

If you have some unique and specific knowledge and skills, online courses and training programs is a great small business idea for you. I have seen how this business model has grown in popularity in the last 15 years because it allows people, regardless of their geographic location, to afford high-quality skills in various subjects.

When it comes to monetization, you have several possibilities:

  • One-time payment – Students pay once for all course materials.
  • Freemium model – Give a free version for the first several lessons and charge for more premium content.
  • Subscription model – You will charge a monthly subscription for ongoing access to course materials.
  • Affiliate marketing – If you recommend tools and resources inside your course, you can also monetize them through affiliate marketing.

A great success story among many is Adam Enfroy and his “Blog Growth Engine” platform. He started as a blog, earning from affiliate links, and now sells the premium blogging course as a whole platform. As you can see, he is using a freemium business model here.

Blog Growth Engine

3. E-commerce store

Regarding online business ideas, we can not exclude an e-commerce store as an idea. An e-commerce store is a great small business idea because it allows you to sell products and services without boundaries.

The monetization of an e-commerce store is simple: you earn from the profit margin you have from each of your sales. But you can also sell advertising space and use an affiliate marketing program.

A great example of an e-commerce business is a UK company, Gymshark, founded by Ben Francis at his own home in 2012. The founder built an empire valued at $1.45 billion with a passion and innovative approach to saving money. You can read Gymshark’s full story on their website.


4. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate business is a great small business idea for many starters in the online business world. Using this business model, you partner with other companies to promote their products or services and always earn a commission when you sell something through your link.

In affiliate business, monetization is based on your readership level and how many of them click and buy something through your affiliate referral link. The commission you can earn can vary from 1% to 50% and more.

Again, I will share an example from Adam Enfroy’s blog and article where he reviews web hosting services for 2024 using affiliate links to earn a commission each time someone buys a hosting service through his links.

Adam Enfroy

5. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is another low-cost small business idea because, with this model, you operate an e-commerce store without keeping inventory for what you are selling. You focus on customer services and marketing your store because when someone orders through your store, you send that order to your supplier, who then ships the product to the customer.

With a dropshipping business, you earn by selling products for a higher price than what you must pay to your suppliers.

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6. Print-on-Demand services

Print-on-demand (POD) is a low-cost small business idea allowing you to sell custom products online with graphics without holding inventory. When someone orders in your store, the product is created (or printed) and shipped directly to the customer. This business idea is great for t-shirts, mugs, posters, books, etc., where something can be printed to become unique.

Your revenue stream of a print-on-demand business is selling products printed on a specific markup or the difference between how much you charge for the products and how much you pay to the printing company is your profit.

Printify has an estimate calculator about how much you can earn through their printing platform and high-quality products printed with your graphic design.


7. Subscription box services

Subscription box service is another small business idea you can start. With this idea, you must have a store where you will offer products that will be delivered to customers at their doors regularly.

The monetization of this small business idea is through revenue you will generate by recurring monthly fees charged to your subscribers. So, the profitability will depend on your ability to find low-cost products that can be sold for a higher price inside the box.

Look at the Birchbox beauty subscription box. They offer customized boxes with beauty products for a $17 monthly subscription.


8. Freelance writing

Freelance writing is a great business idea for those with excellent writing skills. As a freelance writer, you provide writing services like blog posts, articles, website copy, and product descriptions on a contract basis.

You can earn money by charging for your services per word, per hour, or per project. How much you will charge will depend on your experience and review on platforms like Upwork and Freelancer. 

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9. Music streaming business

A small business idea for music streaming means building a platform where users can listen to music from a large library of tracks without downloading them to their listening devices. According to IBIS World, the revenue is estimated at $17.7 billion in 2023.

Music Streaming Business

You can charge a subscription fee where users pay a monthly fee for access to the platform’s library without ads and monetize the platform’s free version through ads. 

Here is how to start a music streaming business.

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Technology Business Ideas

New small business owners have had many opportunities in the technology sector in recent years. Let’s see what can be a great opportunity for 2024.

10. Cybersecurity services

Today, everything is digitized, from document creation to managing finances, and because of that, there is an increase in cybersecurity threats. So, the demand for cybersecurity services is and will be high in the next few years, and because of that, this is a good business idea. You can offer different services like cybersecurity consulting, software development, training and education, data breach consultancy, auditing, etc.

Generally, cybersecurity services are charged on a project basis, but you can also have subscriptions to maintenance services or ongoing support.

11. AI consultancy

You know how important Artificial Intelligence is in our lives today. This small business idea involves providing expertise for small businesses on using and incorporating AI technology in their companies. These services can cover developing AI strategies, integrating AI tools in existing systems, staff training about AI possibilities, etc. According to Statista, the global AI software market is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years, reaching $126 billion in 2025.

Monetizing AI consultancy is similar to cybersecurity services, charging on a project basis or subscriptions for ongoing support.

12. VR arcade

VR arcade is a place where people can play virtual reality games and experience something totally different from traditional games.

Generally, monetization is based on charging customers hourly to use your VR equipment, but you can also make income selling some merchandise or refreshing drinks for players for a better customer experience.

One great example of a VR arcade business is EnterTheMission, which sells escape rooms for VR experience based on time.


13. App development

The app development business is related to developing mobile apps for platforms like iOS and Android. In the last 15 years, we have seen that the demand for apps related to productivity, games, health trackers, etc., has been very high. So, if you have app development skills, this can be the right venture for you.

When it comes to monetization, you have several options:

  • One-time fee for app download,
  • In-app purchase for additional app features,
  • Subscription for using the app in a certain amount of time or for specific features and
  • Advertisement for a free version of the app.

14. SaaS startup business

Software as a Service (SaaS) businesses provide software solutions usually hosted on the cloud and accessed by users through the internet.

When it comes to SaaS businesses, you can monetize it through monthly or annual subscriptions, where customers pay a recurring fee to use the product. They will have access until the recurring payments are canceled. Also, you can have tiered pricing where you can charge different amounts based on the features you will offer. 

15. Tech gadgets rental business

The tech gadget rental business is a specific business model where you will offer different tech gadgets not for selling but for rental. Many individuals and companies will need some specific gadget for temporary use. It is more affordable for them to rent it temporarily instead of investing, especially if the gadget is more expensive.

Monetization of this business is done by charging customers a rental fee for the gadget on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. You can also offer a rent-to-own option, allowing customers to purchase the gadget after a specific rental period.

A successful example of a tech gadget rental business is Grover, which offers to rent a gadget monthly without spending much money on the latest technology.


Service Business Ideas

When it comes to starting a small business, a service business gives great potential with low initial investment. You don’t need storage for inventory because you will sell services.

16. Graphic design service

A graphic design small business provides its customers with different types of visual solutions like logos, brochures, business cards, infographics, etc.

The income can be generated through several options, like on a project base, charging hourly rates, or offering ongoing services for a regular fee. Also, you can sell different merchandise like stickers, t-shirts, and greeting cards with your custom design.

17. Social media management services

Social media management services include managing social media profiles for other businesses. The process includes creating and scheduling posts, responding to comments, developing and executing social media marketing campaigns, monitoring analytics, and adjusting strategies according to performance.

Typically, this business generates revenue by charging monthly or annual fees to their clients for managing their social media profiles. Different pricing tiers can be based on the number of social media platforms, profiles, posts, and additional services like paid ad management or content creation.

Social media management

18. Content creation agency

A content creation agency provides professional services related to content creation for other companies, like writing blog posts, creating videos, designing graphics, etc. As there is a high demand for quality content, so this small business idea can bring you high-level opportunities to start a business.

The content creation small businesses usually charge per generated content on a project basis or long-term contracts. You can also charge for additional services like developing content strategy and plan.

19. Influencer marketing agency

Influencer marketing agencies connect companies with influencers on social media channels that can promote their products and services to their followers. This can be a good business idea because of the high increase in influencer marketing today. 

The agency’s job is to find the right influencers for small businesses that want to market their products, connect with them, coordinate collaboration, and measure the effectiveness of the collaboration itself.

These small businesses generate income by charging a fee on a project basis or as a commission that clients will pay to influencers.

20. Virtual assistant services

If you want to start a small business and are skilled in doing remote administrative tasks, virtual assistant service can be a great choice. You can offer different services like managing email, calendar, customer service, research, data entry, etc.

Typically, virtual assistants charge on an hourly base for assistance work they will do. For long-term projects, they can charge a flat rate for a longer period of time.

One great example of virtual assistant services is Time etc, which offers a wide range of services, from general administrative tasks to more specialized services like social media management.

Time etc

21. Cleaning services

Cleaning services are companies that provide professional cleaning for commercial or residential properties. The services can cover general cleaning to more specialized services like carpet cleaning, window cleaning, pressure washing, or eco-friendly cleaning. Demand for such services is high because more and more people and even small businesses lack time and resources for such jobs. 

Cleaning services charge clients on a per-a-job-done basis or as part of a long-term contract.

22. Mobile car wash

Mobile car wash service provides on-the-spot (client’s own home, office, or other location required by client) car washing service for clients. Demand for these services is growing because many car owners want the flexibility to save time for these needs.

These small businesses usually charge clients a fee for each car wash on a per-job basis or as a part of a long-term contract.

23. Personal chef

Personal chef services provide personalized meal preparation for clients that usually take place at the client’s home and are tailored according to specific client’s dietary needs.

You can generate income by charging a fee for prepared meals for clients. The business model can be per meal payments or flat weekly or monthly fees for long-term contracts. Also, you can charge on a cost-plus model if you price groceries and hourly meal preparation rates.

One example of personal chef services is Chefs for Seniors, which provides personalized in-home meal preparation for older citizens.

Chefs for Seniors

24. Lawn care business

The lawn care business offers different outdoor maintenance services, from lawn cutting to more complex jobs such as landscaping, fertilizing, weed control, and pest management for residential and commercial properties. The target market is clients that have outdoor space but don’t have time for maintenance.

Most business owners of lawn care businesses charge their clients for jobs they do on a per-job basis, monthly or annual contracts, or seasonal packages. You can also have some add-ons for more specialized services and higher fees.

25. Landscaping business

The landscaping business is similar to lawn care but additionally offers garden design to transform the outdoor space by rearranging, constructing, and planting.

Regarding monetization, landscaping companies charge the same way as lawn care but also charge higher fees for designing services. 

26. Photography service

Photography service business offers to capture high-quality for different clients and occasions. This includes portraits, event photography like weddings or corporate events, real estate photography, commercial photography for clients’ products, etc. 

Photography businesses charge their clients for the photoshoots and final images on a per-session or per-image basis. You can also charge for additional services like printing, photo editing, and retouching.

27. Home organizer services

Home organizer services offer clients decluttering and organizing their living space, such as closets, kitchens, garages, offices, or even whole home spaces. Such services aim to create a more functional and aesthetically pleasant environment for clients.

Home organizer services charge fees on a per-hour basis, a flat fee per project, or some package deals for multiple sessions and rooms.

28. Errand’s service

An errand service business offers to perform everyday tasks like grocery shopping, picking up dry cleaning, banking, etc., for clients who need more time or want to do them. This business idea can be a based business idea and operated as a part-time business.

The monetization is based on charging clients on a per-tasks or per-hour basis or offering a package deal with a certain number of errands per week or month.

Task Rabbit is a great example of an errand service business that offers an online and mobile marketplace to match freelance labor to the demands of specific local communities.

Task Rabbit

Educational Business Ideas

The educational sector continuously evolves, especially considering that traditional formal education can not follow the requirements of the business sector based on a high level of technology development. So, for 2024, our proposals for small business ideas in education are the following:

29. Online Tutoring

If you are great in a particular subject, online tutoring is a business for you. You will provide educational support for students through online platforms, from math, languages, and science to specific test preparations.

As an online tutor, you will charge clients for your tutoring session per hour. You can also offer package deals for multiple tutoring sessions or monthly subscriptions for ongoing support. If you record your tutoring classes, you can sell them additionally and allow personalized tutoring for higher rates. 

30. Ebook Publishing

Ebook publishing today is growing as it becomes easier to publish your own book. With this idea, you must create and distribute digital books that various electronic devices can easily access. From textbooks to “how to” guides, ebooks provide a great opportunity for anyone with specific skills and experience.

The revenue is generated from selling the book to customers through your own website or using platforms like Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, or Google Playbooks. You can use all of these channels to reach a bigger market.

31. Language learning app

A language learning app is a digital platform developed to help users learn different languages through interactive lessons, games, and quizzes. This is a good business idea because many people who want to learn a new language want to have a unique language-learning experience at their convenience, time, and place.

Regarding monetization, you can monetize a language learning app using a freemium model to attract potential customers but with advertisement options. Also, it is important to have a subscription-based model and in-app purchases, as we have explained previously.

One great example of a language learning app is Duolingo, which offers free gamified language experience in multiple languages. They monetize their app freemium model and offer a free added experience with additional features for premium subscribers.


32. Virtual reality learning solutions

This lucrative business idea is related to using VR learning solutions. This business idea requires building an educational platform that uses VR technology to offer extraordinary learning experiences by simulating real-world environments.

When it comes to monetization, this is a profitable business idea. You can monetize your platform through licensing to educational institutions like schools, universities, and corporations, a subscription model to charge individual recurring fees for access to the platform, or in-app purchases for additional content or features. Also, you can use your technology in retail, where you will provide a real-life learning experience and charge a fee on an hourly basis or per lesson.

A great example of a VR learning business is ClassVR, which provides a VR-based education platform for schools.


33. Children’s educational toy production

Children’s educational toy production business ideas require developing and producing toys, from puzzles to interactive electronic toys, that stimulate and improve children’s learning and cognitive development. According to Straits Research, the educational toy market is expected to reach more than $45 billion by 2031.

Educational toys market

The revenue is generated by selling educational toys through your own e-commerce store, online marketplace, physical retail stores, and direct sales to schools and educational institutions.

A great example of this business idea is Lego.


34. Home tutoring

Home tutoring businesses offer personalized one-on-one tutoring like schoolwork, test preparation, or teaching specific skills or subjects for the students in their homes.

You can generate income by charging hourly rates or per tutoring session rate.

Event planning small business ideas

There is high potential for creative small business ideas regarding events. Here are our proposals for event planning business or event-related business for this year:

35. Wedding Planning Service

This idea is an event planning business that organizes and coordinates a specific event niche – weddings for potential clients. Wedding planning covers different tasks like creating timelines, selecting venues, managing different vendors, aesthetic design, and everything else that will ensure a great wedding day for clients. 

Wedding planners usually generate revenue by charging a portion of the total costs of the wedding, and even some can charge a flat fee based on the services provided or an hourly rate.

One successful example is Mindy Weiss Party Consultants, which has already achieved a reputation as one of the best event planners, especially for celebrity weddings.

Mindy Weiss Party Consultants

36. Corporate Event Planning

This is another niche of the event planning industry that focuses on planning, executing, an managing events like product launches, corporate meetings, holiday parties, etc., for other businesses. The tasks are similar to wedding planning

The revenue generation is the same as in the previous business idea.

37. Party Rental Business

A party rental business rents essential items for parties, like tables, chairs, sound systems, tents, lighting, etc. This business idea can target potential clients in different event niches like weddings, corporate events, birthday parties, community events, etc.

These businesses generate income through renting party equipment and items for individuals or companies that host events. The revenue model can be on a per-rented item basis or as a package deal based on what will be rented.

38. Event Decorator

The event decorator business makes the events memorable through aesthetical appeal by designing and arranging decor elements like color schemes, flowers, lighting, etc.

The revenue model you can use can be a flat rate for an event or a portion of the total decor costs.

39. Conference Organizer

A conference organizing company plans, creates, executes, and manages corporate conferences like academic or industry-related conferences or business networking events. If you have great organizational skills, this can be a great opportunity to start a business and become a business owner.

The monetization is similar to other event-organizing ideas we have already covered here.

Green Business Ideas

A green niche can be a place where you can find very profitable small business ideas with many market opportunities today and in the future. Here are some of our proposals for business to start in the green niche:

40. Green consulting

The green consulting business allows other companies to improve how environmentally conscious they are and their overall sustainability. The services include assessing clients’ operations, identifying areas to reduce negative environmental impacts, and developing sustainability practice strategies.

The outcomes of the work of green consultants should be better energy efficiency, less waste, sourcing sustainable materials, etc. 

As a green consultant, your revenue model can be a flat fee for a specific project, or you can charge hourly. Also, you can offer additional services like staff training, implementation support, or compliance auditing. 

41. Organic gardening business

This idea requires growing and selling organic plants, vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers with natural methods, approaches, and materials without using synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or genetically modified organisms.

Monetization is based on product sales to different clients like restaurants, online stores, or grocery stores. You can also sell these products at the farmer’s market.

42. Solar panel installation business

As a solar panel installation company, you will sell, install, and maintain solar panels for commercial or residential clients so they can have a renewable energy source and save costs on energy bills.

The revenue model is typically based on selling, installing, and maintaining solar panels. You can also add additional offerings like repairs, energy efficiency audits, or system monitoring. Also, there is a possibility to enter into the leasing business by offering leasing for customers who can not afford the upfront costs.

43. Green building consultancy

A green building consultancy business provides expert advice and guidance on designing, constructing, and operating buildings, such as energy efficiency, waste reduction, use of sustainable materials, water conservation, etc. The main goal is to improve the buildings’ impact on the environment and create environmentally friendly buildings. 

The basic revenue model charges clients based on consulting services provided. You can also offer LEED certification support, sustainability reporting, or training workshops for construction companies.

One example in this field is Green Ideas, which helps clients achieve their goals through energy modeling to LEED certification support services.

Green Ideas

44. Plastic recycling business 

Plastic recycling businesses collect, sort, and process waste plastic into raw materials that can be used to produce new plastic products. In such a way, this business can reduce waste reduction, and reduce pollution reduction through plastic disposal in the environment.

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The revenue model is based on selling recycled plastic to companies that use them as raw materials in their production processes. 

45. Recycling pickup business

This business provides different services to residential and commercial facilities to collect and deliver recyclable materials to recycling facilities.

The main revenue stream for this business comes from selling collected recyclables to companies that recycle them.

46. Renewable energy solutions

Renewable energy solutions businesses offer products and services like designing, installing, and maintaining systems like solar panels, wind turbines, or hydroelectric generators that produce energy from renewable sources like sun, water, and wind.

The revenue stream is based on selling and installing renewable energy solutions. You can also add regular maintenance services.

47. Environmental laws consultant

Environmental laws consultancy business provide expert advice and guidance to companies in order to comply with environmental regulations and standards. If you know environmental law, this could be a great way to start a business.

The revenue model generally is based on charging clients a fee for the specific services provided. Additional income streams that you can add can include training and selling educational materials.

48. Eco-friendly products

Eco-friendly products are those products like biodegradable products, organic clothing, reusable energy-efficient gadgets, etc., that are made from sustainable and non-toxic materials that don’t harm the environment.

The revenue model usually involves selling produced products through your own online store or physical stores or selling them to wholesalers and retailers.

One successful business in this area is Seventh Generation, which uses different eco-friendly household products, from cleaning supplies to baby care products.

Seventh Generation

Food and Beverage Small Business Ideas

This sector really offers great possibilities for many different successful small business ideas. All we need to do is eat and drink something. Here are some possibilities to start a lucrative business this year that the products will always have a high demand:

49. Home bakery

A home bakery is a small-scale business that can operate from your kitchen. So, if you are a passionate baker, this is a great business to start and monetize your skills by producing and selling baked food such as bread, cakes, cookies, etc.

The primary revenue stream is from selling home bakery products to customers, which can be done directly or wholesale to local stores and restaurants. You can also offer custom-made products for special events like weddings or birthday parties.

50. Home-based food business

A home-based food business prepares and sells products like baked goods, handcrafted candies, sauces, jams, and gourmet meals directly from your home kitchen. If you are a culinary enthusiast with great skills, this is a great way to start a business.

The revenue streams are the same as in the home bakery business.

One great example of a home-based business that has grown into a nationally recognized brand is Big Spoon Roasters, which started as a small operation making hand-crafted nut butter from a home kitchen.

Big Spoon Roasters

51. Craft Brewery

A craft brewery business is a small-scale company that produces traditional or innovative beers that focus on quality flavor and brewing techniques.

The revenue model is based on sales of brews you have produced that can be sent directly to customers or local bars and restaurants. You can also deliver your goods to a liquor store. Additional ways to monetize this business are organizing brewery tours, selling merchandise, or hosting events.

Before you start this business, you must consult with lawyers for regulatory requirements where you will operate.

52. Winery business

The winery business involves producing and selling wine like red and white wine, sparkling wines, rosé, etc.

For startup costs, wine production process, and generally how to start a winery business, you can read more in our comprehensive guide on how to start a winery.

53. Organic Juice Bar

The organic juice bar is a health-focused beverage company that serves fresh organic juices, smoothies, and other healthful beverages. You can offer organic juices, smoothies, protein shakes, and detox blends.

The revenue model is based on selling juices, smoothies, and other refreshments and snacks. You can also generate additional income by offering event catering services, selling your organic beverages, and decorating fruits and merchandise like supplements.

54. Online Bakery

This modern beverage business concept utilizes e-commerce to sell an assortment of bakery foods like cakes, cookies, and some specialty items like gluten-free or vegan baked goods directly to customers online.

The revenue is generated through selling your bakery products online. Still, you can also capitalize on catering services for events, customs orders for special occasions, and subscription services for regular deliveries of your baked food.

55. Specialty Coffee Shop

A specialty coffee shop is a business that focuses on serving high-quality, expertly brewed coffee that sources beans from specific regions known for high-quality beans and uses skilled baristas and exact brewing methods to produce unique flavors for their coffee.

The revenue model is based on selling specialty coffee drinks, but you can also include teas, pastries, sandwiches, and other food items to increase profitability. You can add additional revenue streams by selling coffee bins, hosting events, or even offering coffee brewing classes.

56. Bottled Water Business

A bottled water business involves sourcing, packaging, and distributing quality water in bottles. The success of this business, in large part, will depend on the quality of the water, especially the purity of the bottled water you will offer.

You can generate revenue by selling your bottled water to retailers or wholesalers. Additional income can be generated if you have bulk agreements with local schools, event organizers, and other companies.

57. Food delivery business

When it comes to the food delivery business, you can find everything related to this business, from concept and business models to licenses and permits, inside our comprehensive guide to starting a food delivery business

58. Catering

A catering business provides food and beverages for different events like corporate events, weddings, parties, etc. 

The revenue model is based on charging per head or a flat fee, depending on the size of the event. Also, some catering services can charge based on cost plus method, getting a percentage of the costs for prepared food and beverages.

59. Coffee brand from home

Coffee brands from home involve sourcing, roasting, packaging, and selling coffee beans to customers who want unique flavor profiles.

The revenue model is based on charging for the coffee quantity they have ordered, and you can use an online store, your own retail stores, or sell directly to retailers and wholesalers. You can also build partnerships with the local cafes to serve your coffee.

60. Food truck business

A food truck business sells food and beverages from a vehicle, usually a large van equipped with a kitchen. This type of business is popular due to its mobility, allowing you to change locations and serve different areas. It also has lower startup costs compared to a traditional brick-and-mortar restaurant. Food trucks can offer various cuisines, from gourmet sandwiches to ethnic foods and desserts.

You will generate revenue by selling food and beverages to customers. You can also generate additional income by catering events or renting out their services for private functions.

Kogi BBQ is an example of a successful food truck business, expanded to include multiple trucks.

Kogi BBQ

Coaching and Consulting Business Ideas

You can easily start a small business related to coaching or consulting if you have specific skills to help large, medium, or small businesses achieve their goals.

Here are some of our proposals for great business ideas in the coaching and consulting sector:

61. Business Consultant

Business consultants are professionals who provide expert advice on management, finances, marketing operations, human resources, etc., for business. The main role of a business consultant is to analyze current processes inside the client’s company and propose solutions for improvement.

Revenue streams are typically based on hourly rates or on a project base. You can also add additional revenue by offering staff training.

62. Marketing Consultant

Marketing consultants offer consultancy services for developing and implementing effective marketing strategies to help clients reach their target customers and increase brand awareness and sales.

The type of monetization is similar to business consultants.

63. SEO consultancy

SEO consultancy is a business that provides expert advice like optimizing websites and content to rank higher in search results and increase organic traffic and potential customers for clients.

The revenue model can be based on hourly rates and per-project fees, or you can also use a subscription model for ongoing consultancy. You can also provide online courses for SEO to bring additional revenue streams. 

64. Digital advertising consultancy

Today, many companies try to find a way to increase their online visibility and reach their target market. Digital advertising consultants help businesses develop and implement advertising strategies for digital platforms like Google Ads and social media advertisements. 

The revenue model is similar to SEO consultancy.

65. IT consultant

An IT consultant provides expert advice to clients to help them optimize their IT infrastructure, improve data security, implement new technology, etc.

You can monetize this business by charging hourly rates or project-based fees, but you can also use a subscription model for ongoing long-term agreements.

One great successful example of an IT consultancy business is Accenture, which offers a broad range of services like developing IT strategy, cloud computing, cybersecurity, AI, etc.


Legal consulting companies provide expert advice in different legal fields like corporate law, intellectual property, employment law, or family law for commercial and residential clients. This service aims to ensure the client’s compliance with different laws and regulations.

You will need access to legal databases such as LexisNexis or Westlaw for research purposes. For example, LexisNexis has included AI to streamline your legal research process.

LexisNexis AI

Law consultancy companies can charge clients based on hourly rates, flat fees, or subscription revenue models for long-term cooperation.

67. Human Resource Consultant

Human resource consulting companies give their clients consultancy advice related to human resource management, like employee engagement, talent acquisition, performance management, staff training, benefits and compensation, and compliance with employment and labor laws.

The revenue streams are similar to other consulting businesses we have mentioned here.

68. Life coaching

Life coach business offers services where expert coaches work with individuals to help them gain clarity in their personal or professional lives, set and achieve goals, overcome challenges, and make significant changes. These coaches can specialize in various areas, such as career transitions, personal development, wellness, relationships, etc.

The revenue model is based on charging per session, but you can also offer packages for multiple sessions or a subscription-based model for monthly sessions. You can also sell your sessions online for an additional revenue stream.

One of the best examples of building a multimillion life coach business is Tony Robbins, who offers personal development seminars, books, and one-on-one coaching.

Tony Robbins Life Coaching

69. Health and wellness coaching

Health and wellness coaching business offers services where coaches work with individuals to help them achieve their health and wellness goals like weight loss, stress management, dietary changes, better fitness levels, or overall lifestyle improvement.

The monetization is similar to life coaching.

70. Personal fitness coaching

Personal fitness coaching is the coaching process where a coach or personal trainer works with individual clients to develop and implement personalized fitness plans adjusted to the client’s health, fitness level, and personal goals.

The revenue streams and monetization are similar to life coaching.

71. Career coaching

Career coaching businesses provide professional services like guidance, support, and tools to help individuals navigate their careers. The job of the coach is to clarify the client’s career goals, analyze them to identify their skills and strengths, develop a plan for future career growth, and overcome any challenges in the execution of that plan.

Required equipment and monetization are similar to life coaching.

72. Business coaching

Business coaching is another professional service where coaches work closely with business owners and managers to help them improve their business skills, systems, and processes. The goal is for clients to improve their business and management skills, leadership skills, improve decision-making processes, etc.

The monetization of a business coaching company is similar to life coaching.

Craft Business Ideas

There are many things in everyday life for which we all need a craftsman to help us solve some technical issues in our homes or offices. So, here are some of the best business ideas when it comes to this sector:

73. Home repairs

Home repair businesses offer services for individuals who need to fix different home issues like plumbing, electrical, painting, carpentry, etc.

The revenue stream is based on charging for the labor and materials used in the repair process, where labor can be charged per job or per hour. You can also offer regular maintenance services for recurring income.

74. Plumbing business

Plumbing business provides services like installing, diagnosing, and fixing water supply and drainage issues for commercial and residential clients.

The monetization and revenue streams are the same as those of the home repairs business.

75. Custom jewelry-making

If you are a craft enthusiast who wants to turn your passion into a profitable business, you can start a custom jewelry-making business to create unique jewelry pieces like earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings.

You will need a website to show your products, an e-commerce solution to sell them online, and a physical store if you don’t want to be only an online business. It will help you to improve your efficiency if you also have inventory management software.

The monetization of this business is typically made through selling the jewelry you have made. You can also offer jewelry repair or remodeling services as an additional revenue stream for your business.

76. Handmade giftshop

A handmade gift shop is a shop that offers to customer who want to give unique hand-crafted gifts like home decor items, jewelry, art pieces, clothing, accessories, gourmet food baskets, etc., to their loved ones.

The monetization is similar to a custom jewelry business.

77. Custom t-shirt printing

Custom T-shirt printing business designs and prints unique graphics like personal messages and logos onto t-shirts and sells them to individuals, groups, and businesses looking for personalized t-shirts or promotional merchandise.

The primary source of income in a custom T-shirt printing business you will generate from the sale of the printed t-shirts. You can also offer design services for an additional revenue source.

78. Pottery studio

The pottery studio business is the space where customers can learn the art of pottery, create their own pieces, and purchase handmade ceramics products.

The revenue stream of a pottery studio is based on selling seats in pottery classes, offering open studio time for a fee, selling handmade pottery, and providing services like kiln firing and glazing for home-based potters. Some studios also host special events or parties for additional revenue.

A great example of a pottery studio is MudFire, which offers classes, workshops, open studio space, and gallery exhibits.


79. Leather crafting

The leather crafting business creates products like wallets, belts, handbags, footwear, etc., from leather.

The primary source of income will come from selling the products you have made. You can sell them through physical stores and e-commerce platforms.

80. Woodworking business

A woodworking business is a craft business that creates and sells items made of wood, from small items like picture frames and cutting boards to larger pieces such as furniture or custom cabinetry.

You can read more about how to start this business in our step-by-step guide to start a woodworking business.

Entertainment Ideas

One of my research several years ago for a project that was related to the development of regional innovation strategies showed that the entertainment industry has a large potential for great business ideas.

81. Party DJ service

Party DJ service is a business that provides music entertainment, such as playing music, engaging the audience, setting the mood, and acting as the event’s master of ceremonies for different events like weddings, birthdays, corporate events, etc.

Depending on the event duration, travel distance, the complex setup, and your reputation and experience in such services, you can charge a fee for the event. You can also charge for additional services like custom playlists or setting up appropriate lighting for the event. 

A great example is Scratch Events DJ, offering more than 7000 DJ professionals for an amazing event experience.

Scratch Events DJ

82. Children’s party service

Children’s party services plan and organize birthday parties or theme-related parties for children. The services include organizing games, providing entertainment like magicians or puppet shows, arranging food and decorations, and managing invitations and thank-you notes.

The revenue model is based on charging specific fees for planned, organized, and executed parties related to the size of the party, duration, complexity of the theme, and any other services like entertainment and catering. You can also offer package pricing adjusted to different budgets of your potential customers.  

83. Independent film production

Independent film production businesses create and distribute movies through creative storytelling, covering unique themes and offering diverse perspectives that may not be represented in larger studio productions or the mainstream film industry.

Monetization of this business is through selling distribution rights to streaming platforms, television networks, or film distributors. You can use additional revenue streams if you have cinema and ticket sales and festival distributions. Also, you can secure funding through grants, crowdfunding campaigns, or private investors.

84. Event promotion service

Event promotion services create and execute marketing strategies for events like concerts, corporate meetings, trade shows, or community gatherings to help clients drive event attendance.

You will need an event management platform like Eventbrite and graphic design software for promotional materials.


The revenue model for event promotion services is through charging fees for the promotional activities that will be conducted, which can be a flat fee per event or a commission-based fee as a percentage of ticket sales or sponsorships secured by your company.

Agricultural Business Ideas

We will always need a food and agricultural business to produce just that. So, your agricultural sector can be a great business opportunity for you.

85. Organic farming

Organic farming is a sustainable agricultural business that cultivates crops and rearing livestock without using synthetic chemicals, genetically modified organisms, antibiotics, or growth hormones but uses only natural processes and materials to soil health, control pests, and raise healthy livestock.

You can monetize this business by selling certified organic products, which often command higher prices in the market due to consumer perceptions of their health and environmental benefits. You can sell these products directly to consumers through farmers’ markets, online platforms, or wholesale to retailers, restaurants, or food processors.

86. Poultry farming

Poultry farming is an agricultural business that involves raising chickens, ducks, turkeys, and geese for their meat or eggs. You can cover different niches like broiler production, meat layer production for eggs, or even specialized sectors like organic or free-range poultry.

As a poultry farmer, you will generate income by selling meat or eggs to customers directly through farmers’ markets and farmer shops, wholesalers, retailers, or food processing companies. You can add additional revenue streams like incubation or consultancy.

87. Mushroom farming

Mooshroom farming, or mycology, involves cultivating edible mushrooms with unique flavors and health benefits grown in controlled environments for culinary and medicinal purposes.

You can monetize this business by selling to customers through direct channels, or you can use subscription boxes, wholesale to grocery stores and restaurants, or online sales for dried mushrooms or medicinal varieties. You can also add additional value if you process your mushrooms into products like teas, tinctures, or gourmet food items.

88. Beekeeping

Beekeeping involves the maintenance of bee colonies, usually in human-made hives, and the production of honey, beeswax, royal jelly, and propolis. The process also supports pollination and, in such a way, benefits the broader ecosystem.

The revenue model is based on directly selling various bee products like honey, beeswax (used in candles and cosmetics), royal jelly, propolis, and even live bees or hives through farmers’ markets or wholesale. Additionally, you can offer pollination services to farmers and gardeners. 

89. Fish farming

Fish farming involves breeding and harvesting fish in controlled environments such as ponds, tanks, or specially designed enclosures in oceans and lakes. 

The main revenue model is based on selling fish to different markets through different channels. You can add an additional revenue stream by offering fishing experiences or educational tours of your facility.

Retail Ideas

Everything at the end must come in the hands of end consumers. So, retail businesses are the companies that bring products to the users.

90. Bookstore

If you have a passion about literature and want to develop higher reading culture in your community a bookstore business that sell books can be a great option for you. Even though we live in a digital world, I still personally know many people who want to buy and read a traditional book.

Revenue for a bookstore comes primarily from the sale of books and related items. Also, you can host events such as author readings, book clubs, and workshops, which can generate additional income. You can also diversify your revenue streams by offering café services or renting out space for private events.

Powell’s Books in Portland, Oregon, is an example of a successful independent bookstore. Founded in 1971, Powell’s has become one of the world’s largest independent bookstores, occupying an entire city block. It has become a beloved cultural institution renowned for its knowledgeable staff, extensive selection, and commitment to the local community.

Powells Books

91. Boutique clothing store

The boutique clothing store is a retail business that sells unique, fashionable, and often high-end clothing and accessories through curated selections of items, personalized services, and distinctive aesthetic stores.

The primary revenue source for your boutique clothing store will be the sale of clothing and accessories inside the store. You can generate more income by hosting fashion-related events, offering personal styling services, or selling online.

92. Specialty food store

Specialty food stores offer a unique selection of food items like gourmet, organic, ethnic, or locally sourced products not typically found in mainstream supermarkets. The main differentiating factors for this business are a diverse range of high-quality foods and personalized customer service that is not offered in supermarkets.

Revenue for a specialty food store comes predominantly from the sale of unique food items. You can add additional revenue streams like hosting cooking classes, tastings, or other food-related events, offering catering services, or selling gift baskets during holidays.

93. Home decor store

A home decor store is a retail business that sells items used to decorate and personalize living spaces. These items can range from furniture, rugs, lamps, and art pieces to small decorative objects.

The primary source of income is the sale of home decor items. You can price the items at premium rates if they are unique, high-quality, or designer pieces. Also, you can add additional revenue streams like interior design consultations, custom-made decor items, or hosting home-styling workshops.

With a rise in pet ownership and increased spending on pet care, you can find some great opportunities to start a new business.

94. Pet Grooming Service

A pet grooming service provides essential care and maintenance services for pets, primarily dogs and cats, like bathing, hair trimming, nail clipping, ear cleaning, and teeth brushing.

The primary revenue stream for a pet grooming service is the fees charged for grooming sessions, from basic cleaning packages to more comprehensive packages that include additional services like de-matting, flea treatments, and special haircuts. You can also sell pet-related products, such as toys, food, or grooming supplies, as an additional revenue stream.

95. Custom Pet Accessories

The custom pet accessories business involves creating personalized pet items, like collars, leashes, beds, clothing, etc. The customization could range from monogrammed initials to designs that reflect the pet’s personality or the owner’s preferences.

The primary source of income for a custom pet accessory business is the sale of customized items that, because of their personalized nature, can have higher prices than generic ones. 

96. Dog Training Service

A dog training service is a business that offers professional guidance to help dog owners effectively train their pets. It’s an excellent venture for individuals who love dogs, understand their behavior, and possess the patience and communication skills needed to work with both pets and their owners.

Dog training services typically generate income by charging fees for training sessions like one-on-one sessions, group classes, or specialized courses such as puppy training or aggression management. You can also offer boarding and training packages, where the dog stays with you for intensive training over several weeks. Selling training aids like clickers, leashes, or treat pouches can provide an additional revenue stream.

97. Dog walking

Dog walking businesses provide an essential solution for busy pet owners who may not have the time or ability to walk their dogs regularly. Regular walks are crucial for a dog’s physical health and mental well-being, making this service highly valued among pet owners.

Revenue streams for the dog walking business primarily come from the fees charged for each walk. Pricing can depend on factors such as the length of the walk, the number of dogs, and any additional services like feeding or administering medication. Some dog walkers offer package deals for multiple walks per week or month, which can encourage repeat business. Offering additional services like pet sitting or pet taxi services can also contribute to revenue.

98. Pet-sitting Service

A pet-sitting service is a business that offers a place to pet owners who need someone trustworthy to care for their pets while they’re away from home. This service often involves feeding, walking, and playing with pets.

Income for a pet-sitting service primarily comes from the fees charged for pet care, and they can vary based on the type and number of pets and the duration of care. Some pet sitters offer additional services like overnight stays, pet transportation, or administering medication for an extra charge. 

99. Pet Photography

A pet photography business specializes in creating memorable photos of pets for their owners, using technical expertise in photography and a deep understanding of animal behavior.

Pet photographers typically earn by charging for photo sessions, which can be priced based on factors such as the duration of the shoot, the number of pets, and the location. Selling high-quality prints, digital images, or photo merchandise like calendars or photo books can provide additional income.

Fashion & Beauty Business Ideas

Here is our pick for the best fashion and beauty business ideas you can start this year.

100. Fashion designer

If you have a deep understanding of fashion trends, consumer needs, and the technical aspects of garment construction, you can start a fashion design business and create original clothing, footwear, and accessories.

You can generate income by selling your designs to consumers, retailers, or fashion houses, but you can also earn by licensing your designs to manufacturers. 

101. Personal stylist

A personal stylist is a professional who advises individuals on new fashion trends, clothing styles, colors, and make-up. A personal stylist is not just about dressing clients for events; it’s about helping them develop their own unique personal style that suits their lifestyle, body type, and personality. 

Depending on your business model, you generate income by charging for consultations, shopping trips, closet clean-outs, and ongoing styling services per hour, day, or service. Additionally, you can earn commissions from clothing retailers for the items you recommend to your clients.

102. Handmade shoe-making

Handmade shoe making involves creating custom, high-quality footwear for customers seeking unique style, excellent fit, and superior comfort.

You can generate income by selling your creations directly to consumers through online platforms, boutiques, or pop-up shops. You can also offer custom shoe-making services, where clients can specify style, material, color, and fit, often at a premium price. Collaborations with fashion designers or retailers can also provide additional revenue streams. 

103. Fashion photography

Fashion photography involves capturing and showcasing clothing, accessories, and other fashion items to create a narrative around the products, expressing a certain mood or style, and highlighting the unique features of the items.

You can generate income by charging for your services, like photoshoots, image editing, and creative approach. You can also work directly with fashion brands, designers, magazines, or advertising agencies. 

104. Barber Shop

A barber shop is a business that provides grooming services for men, primarily hair cutting and styling, beard trimming, and shaving. In recent years, the barber shop concept has evolved to include additional services such as facials, scalp treatments, and even manicures, catering to the growing trend of male grooming and self-care.

You can generate income by charging clients for your services, which can be priced individually or bundled into packages. Also, additional income streams can be selling grooming products directly to customers and offering membership or loyalty programs. 

105. Make-up artists

A makeup artist is a professional who applies makeup to improve a person’s appearance, usually for special events, photoshoots, films, or theaters. Makeup artists need to understand skin types, tones, and the principles of light and color.

Makeup artists generally earn by charging for their services per appointment or event. As an additional income stream, you can offer makeup lessons or workshops, either one-on-one or in group settings, develop your own line of makeup products, or collaborate with existing brands. 

106. Beauty vlogging

Beauty vlogging involves creating and sharing video content about beauty products, makeup tutorials, skincare routines, and style tips. A successful beauty vlogger needs both a deep understanding of the beauty industry and the ability to engage an online audience with their unique perspective.

You can earn income through various methods like ad revenue from views and clicks on your YouTube videos or affiliates, where you earn a commission on products sold through links you share. You can also partner with brands for sponsored content or create your own beauty product line. 

107. Mobile nailing salon

A mobile nail salon brings professional nail care services like manicures, pedicures, nail enhancements, and nail art directly to clients at their convenience.

You will generate income by charging clients for your nail care services per service or bundled into packages. Travel fees may also be included in pricing, especially for locations outside a certain radius. Selling nail care products directly to clients can provide an additional revenue stream. 

108. Hairdressing

Hairdressing offers professional hair care services such as cutting, coloring, styling, and treating various hair types. You can work in salons or offer mobile services, providing convenience and personalized attention. 

You can generate income by charging clients for your services depending on the complexity of the service, the time required, and the level of expertise you have. Also, as an additional revenue stream, you can sell hair care products directly to clients.

109. Skincare products

This business involves creating and selling products designed to improve skin health and appearance, from cleansers, toners, moisturizers, and serums to masks, exfoliators, and sun protection products.

The primary revenue stream is selling the products to consumers directly through an online store or physical location or indirectly via retail partners. You can generate additional income by offering personalized skincare consultations and product recommendations. 

Manufacturing Business Ideas

Here are some possible businesses to start in the manufacturing sector:

110. 3D printing

3D printing creates three-dimensional objects from a digital file. It involves building an object layer by layer, which allows for complex designs, customization, and rapid prototyping. 3D printing services can be offered to various sectors, including healthcare, automotive, construction, and fashion.

You can generate income by selling printed products or offering 3D printing services like custom product manufacturing, rapid prototyping, or even 3D printing consulting. You can also offer design services for customers who do not have a ready-to-print 3D model.

111. Custom furniture manufacturing

Custom furniture manufacturing involves the creation of unique, made-to-order pieces for residential furniture like beds, tables, and chairs or commercial furniture for offices, restaurants, and retail spaces.

The primary source of income you will generate is the sale of the finished furniture pieces. You can also offer design consultation services for an additional fee.

112. Food products manufacturing

Food product manufacturing involves producing and packaging various foods, ranging from baked goods and confectioneries to sauces, snacks, and health foods.

Revenue in food product manufacturing comes primarily from selling manufactured goods through direct sales to consumers via an online store or local markets or wholesale to retail stores or restaurants. You can also generate income by offering private-label manufacturing services and producing products under another company’s brand.

113. Clothing manufacturing

Clothing manufacturing is the production of garments, either from designs provided by clients or created by the business itself. The demand for unique, well-made clothing and the growing interest in sustainable and locally-produced fashion make clothing manufacturing a viable business concept.

A clothing manufacturing business generates revenue by selling its finished garments to either individual customers or retailers through a physical store, online shop, or wholesale.

114. Furniture restoration

Furniture restoration involves repairing and refinishing old or damaged furniture to restore its original appearance or give it a new look. This could involve fixing structural issues, removing old finishes, applying new stains or paint, and replacing hardware or upholstery. 

You can generate income by charging to restore clients’ furniture pieces. This could involve flat-rate pricing or hourly rates depending on the complexity and extent of the work required. You can also source and restore furniture pieces for resale at a profit.

115. Candle making

Candle-making involves creating candles of various shapes, sizes, colors, and scents. This can range from simple pillar candles to elaborate, artisanal creations.

You will generate revenue by selling your crafted candles to consumers through an online store, at local craft markets or trade shows, or wholesale to retailers. You can also offer candle-making workshops or kits for those interested in learning the craft.

116. Soap and bath bomb products

Soap and bath bomb manufacturing involves creating and selling handmade soaps, bath bombs, and other bath products made with natural ingredients and customized with various scents, colors, and shapes.

The monetization is similar to previous business, candle making.

117. CBD oil production

CBD (cannabidiol) oil production involves extracting CBD from the hemp plant and then diluting it with a carrier oil like coconut or hemp seed oil. This oil is gaining popularity in the health and wellness world, with scientific studies confirming it may ease symptoms of illness like chronic pain and anxiety.

You can generate revenue by selling your CBD oil to consumers or wholesalers. Additionally, you can monetize by producing other CBD-infused products, such as creams, edibles, and capsules.

But, before starting this business, consult an expert about regulations because they are not the same everywhere.

Real Estate Business Ideas

You can also become your own boss in the real estate business sector. Here are our proposals for this year.

118. Real estate flipping

Real estate flipping is buying property at a lower price, often those that require repair or renovation, improving them, and then selling them at a higher price for profit. The flip can also involve buying properties undervalued or in a hot market and reselling them without making any improvements.

The primary revenue source in the real estate flipping business is through the sale of the renovated property. The aim is to sell the property at a price that covers the purchase price and renovation costs and leaves a profit margin.

119. Property management

Property management is the process of supervising and managing the daily operations of real estate properties on behalf of owners who may not have the necessary time, expertise, or willingness to do so. This can include tasks such as collecting rent, maintaining the property, communicating with tenants, and even marketing and leasing empty spaces.

You can generate revenue by charging a fee based on a percentage of the rental income of the property you manage. You can earn additional income from new tenant placement fees, maintenance service markups, and other administrative fees.

120. Real estate photography

The real estate photography business offers capturing high-quality images of properties for sale or rent. These photos are typically used in marketing materials and online listings to attract potential buyers or renters. With the rise of online real estate platforms, quality photography has become increasingly important in showcasing properties effectively.

Depending on the property size and the number of photos required, you can charge a fee per shoot and any additional services, such as aerial photography or virtual tours. Also, you can offer packages that include a set number of photos and services for a fixed price.

121. Real estate consulting

Real estate consulting businesses advise clients about various aspects of real estate, like buying, selling, or investing in property, market analysis, property management, etc. A real estate consultant’s role is to guide clients in making informed decisions based on their needs and the current real estate market.

You can charge for your services in one of three ways: a flat fee for specific services, an hourly rate, or a commission-based fee that’s a percentage of the transaction value. 

Travel and Tourism Business Ideas

You can find a proven business model according to your interests and competencies in the travel and tourism sector. Here are our proposals for this sector.

122. Boutique hotel

Boutique hotels are small, stylish hotels that typically have a strong focus on creating unique guest experiences through their intimate atmosphere, personalized service, and distinctive interior design. 

Unlike chain hotels, your boutique hotels need to provide guests with a unique and localized experience, and because of that, you can charge higher prices than traditional hotels.

Your primary revenue stream with boutique hotels comes from room rentals. You can add additional income streams like restaurants, bars, room service, special events, and partnerships with local businesses for guest activities. 

Ace Hotel is a great example of a successful boutique hotel business with locations in various cities designed to reflect its location’s unique culture and history for a truly localized experience.

Ace Hotel

123. Adventure tourism agency

An adventure tourism agency specializes in planning and organizing adventure-based trips for clients, such as hiking, trekking, white-water rafting, rock climbing, scuba diving, etc.

If you start adventure tourism agencies, you will earn revenue by selling travel packages that include various services like accommodation, activities, transportation, and meals. You can also charge an additional service fee for the planning and coordination involved. 

124. Eco-tourism service

Eco-tourism services involve providing environmentally responsible travel experiences, focusing on preserving natural habitats, and educating travelers about local cultures and traditions. These services target environmentally aware travelers who seek to minimize their impact on the destinations they visit.

With this business, your regular revenue stream will be through the sale of eco-friendly travel packages that include various services like accommodation, activities, transportation, and meals. Like in the adventure tourism agency, you can also charge additional planning and coordination fees.  

125. Travel planning service

Travel planning services specialize in organizing all aspects of a trip for their clients, including booking flights, accommodation, and transportation, planning itineraries, arranging tours and activities, and providing advice on local customs and attractions.

A typical revenue stream for this business is charging clients a fee for your services, such as a flat fee per trip, an hourly rate, or a percentage of the total cost of the trip. You can also have additional revenue, like commissions from hotels, airlines, and other service providers for bookings made on behalf of clients. 

126. Local tour guide service

A local tour guide service provides guided tours in a specific location by sharing detailed knowledge about the location’s history, culture, landmarks, and attractions with tourists. 

You can generate revenue by charging tourists for the guided tours. The cost can vary based on factors such as the tour length, the number of participants, and the type of tour (walking, driving, etc.). Some tour guides also receive tips from satisfied customers. 

Healthcare, Medical, Fitness, and Wellness Business Ideas

When discussing healthcare, medical, fitness, and wellness, we must recognize this sector’s high potential for business.

127. Home healthcare service

Home healthcare services provide a range of medical, therapeutic, and daily assistance services like wound care, disease management, physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, medication management, and personal care assistance for people with health issues who wish to remain in their homes rather than move into residential care.

Such a healthcare service typically earns revenue by charging patients or their insurance providers for the services rendered. The cost varies depending on the type and frequency of care needed. Health insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid may cover some services.

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128. Physical therapy service

A physical therapy service involves providing therapeutic care to patients who have experienced injuries, undergone surgeries, or have chronic conditions that limit their ability to move and perform functional activities. Physical therapy aims to restore mobility, reduce pain, prevent disability, and improve overall physical function.

Revenue streams for physical therapy services are similar to home health care services.

129. Medical billing service

A medical billing service involves managing the billing cycle for healthcare providers, such as coding and submitting claims to insurance companies, following up on unpaid claims, billing patients, and handling all billing-related inquiries. 

Medical billing services typically earn revenue by charging a percentage of the total claim amount they manage for healthcare providers or a fixed fee per claim. The exact fee structure can vary depending on factors such as the claims’ complexity and the work volume.

130. Medical lab business

A medical lab business provides diagnostic services that help healthcare providers detect, diagnose, and treat diseases. These labs perform tests on clinical specimens like blood, urine, and tissue to gain information about a patient’s health. Services can range from routine blood work to more complex genetic testing.

Medical labs generate revenue by charging patients, healthcare providers, or insurance companies for their tests.

131. Medical equipment sales

A medical equipment sales business involves selling or leasing medical equipment to healthcare providers, including hospitals, clinics, and home care services. The range of equipment can vary from basic supplies like gloves and syringes to complex machinery like MRI machines, ultrasound machines, and surgical instruments.

You can generate revenue by selling or leasing medical equipment to healthcare providers. Still, you can also offer maintenance and repair services for the equipment you sell or lease as an additional revenue stream.

132. Yoga studio

A yoga studio business offers yoga classes to individuals seeking physical fitness, mental wellness, and spiritual growth. In addition to group classes, you can also offer private instruction, workshops, retreats, and teacher training programs.

You can generate revenue by charging for classes, which can be sold individually, in packages, or through monthly memberships. Also, you can add additional revenue streams like private instruction, workshops, retreats, teacher training programs, and retail sales of yoga-related products.

133. Personal training business

A personal training business involves working with individuals to help them reach their fitness and health goals. So, if you want to be a personal trainer, you will create personalized workout plans, provide one-on-one coaching, monitor progress, and give nutritional advice.

As a personal trainer, you will charge clients per session, with rates depending on factors such as the trainer’s expertise, the length and location of the session, and the client’s goals. You can also offer packages of multiple sessions at a discounted rate or sell related products like dietary supplements or workout gear.

134. Wellness Retreat

A wellness retreat business provides holistic health and wellness experiences such as yoga, meditation, fitness classes, spa treatments, nutritional counseling, and mindfulness workshops in a peaceful, rejuvenating environment.

You will generate revenue by charging guests for their stay, typically including accommodation, meals, and access to various wellness activities and treatments. Also, you can add additional revenue streams like selling wellness-related products, offering additional services or treatments, and hosting special events or workshops.

135. Health & Fitness Blog

A health and fitness blog is a platform where you can share valuable content related to health, wellness, fitness, nutrition, etc. So, as a health and fitness blogger, you will create and share informative articles, how-to guides, reviews, personal experiences, and other types of content that can help your readers improve their health and fitness.

The revenue model is the same as we have explained inside the blogging business

136. Nutrition Consultancy

A nutrition consultancy business provides professional advice on diet and nutrition to help clients achieve their health and wellness goals. This can involve creating personalized meal plans, providing dietary advice for specific health conditions, and educating clients about the impact of nutrition on overall health.

With this business, you charge clients per consultation or session, but you can also offer packages of multiple sessions at a discounted rate. Additional income can be earned from selling related products like dietary supplements or health books.