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8 Best Side Hustles for Teenagers Online

8 Best Side Hustles for Teenagers to Make Money Online

Teenagers today have the opportunity to earn money on the internet. They are way past the usual lawn mowing, babysitting, or bagging groceries. The web offers various choices for them that are not only geared toward side jobs but also toward success with the right strategies.

This article discusses the best ways to earn money for teens. They can choose from the following methods to earn extra cash during their spare time. And the best part is, they don’t have to leave home!

1. Complete Paid Online Surveys

A paid online survey is one of the easiest ways for teenagers to earn money online, especially those who want their opinions heard. There are countless platforms online that offer paid surveys if you’re going to get paid for your opinions. When you participate in sharing your thoughts and ideas, companies can get insights from various consumers, allowing them to better their products and services.

Keep in mind that paid surveys are not a quick-rich scheme. Teenagers can access the internet and answer surveys on their phones during breaks between classes. Companies pay enough to let you earn money for extra allowance, gas for your car, or save up for a new gadget you’ve been eyeing. Some sites offer a fixed number of surveys per person. Trying out various paid surveys all at once is a good idea. 

2. Do Freelance Jobs to Earn Money Online

Teenagers with specific skillsets can look for online job boards for freelance work. It can be copywriting, video editing, translation, app development, or marketing. Various platforms offer legitimate jobs they can apply to, provided they are willing to work diligently. Freelance jobs are considered to be the future of the work industry. It’s good for them to be on board early and learn the ropes while young. 

They can join a website and register with their full name and other details to access the list of jobs where they might qualify. They need an active account that features their educational background and experience in related or unrelated jobs. They will only be allowed to apply for a job once their accounts are approved. 

Job boards allow applicants to contact clients who posted the jobs. They can bid for the job or project if their qualifications match.  

The payment will depend on the client if they want to pay an hourly rate or a fixed sum for the project or skill level. Before accepting work, you must have a bank account where the clients can send payments. If you don’t, clients can use third-party payment processors instead.

3. Get Paid To Play Games

If you crave excitement, you can earn extra cash by playing games. If you enjoy playing video games online or offline, there are bound to be game app creators looking for testers to pay. Many are making money from playing games, and video game influencers take advantage of it as a primary revenue system. 

The players willing to try out various game genres are growing in numbers. If you love games, there are different avenues you can use. You can create video game content, become a blogger, participate in gaming competitions, or live stream your video game session. 

The money you’ll earn from playing will vary depending on your game or sponsorship involvement. The kind of content you create and how much time you dedicate will influence your earnings. Gamer earnings can range from USD$20 to USD$200 per hour for playing, albeit establishing an average is impossible. 

Professional gamers earn significantly more from game tournaments that offer cash prizes and recognition. These tournaments have sponsors; hence, gamers can stand to gain thousands of dollars per tournament. 

4. Write Blog Content

Writing blog content is another way teenagers can earn online, and it has the potential to become a full-time income generator depending on various factors. If you like writing, researching, and fact-checking with a pen chance for creativity, blogging could be for you. You can earn from it without leaving home. 

Although it has the potential to earn big money, blogging is a slow and steady process and not for those who want to succeed overnight. Those who love writing won’t mind its challenges and can become a money-earner in a year or two. Readers still turn to blogs for information, and well-written ones attract a following. 

Blogging is potentially a money-making passive income that can turn into a real business. It’s easy to start on it as a side job that you can do in your spare time after your school duties. You can help promote blogs using social media to gain interested readers. Your family and friends can even help you share your blogs with people they know. 

There are platforms online that allow bloggers to create and customize blogs with graphics and layout designs that can attract attention. Likewise, ensure that you are clear with the niche you would like to write about in your blog and stick to one initially (e.g., technology), then gradually introduce some related niches once you reach more readers and gain sponsors.

5. Try Online Selling to Earn Money

Teenagers can also make money by selling physical or digital products online. If they have old items at home that are reusable and still in good condition, they can make quick cash and organize their space simultaneously. 

There are platforms where they can create a listing for free. They can sell old furniture, clothing, or anything they own that has not been used for a while but is still usable. People would buy items online to reuse, flip, or get components to use in their repair work. You can also post what you’re selling on your social media accounts. 

Digital products are different as they are not tangible objects you can hold. They require no shipping, and some products you can create yourself instead of sourcing from creators. The best thing with digital products is that you don’t need to maintain a physical storage room for inventory. You won’t also have to deal with suppliers and delays. 

You can make the following yourself using specific apps coupled with your creativity:

  • eBooks
  • Email templates
  • Photoshop templates
  • Worksheets
  • Infographics
  • Guides and instructions
  • Reference kits
  • Photography collections
  • Interactive greeting cards
  • Website themes

6. Design T-shirts Online

Artistic teenagers with a creative flair for graphic imagery can design t-shirts. There are platforms where they can upload their designs and position them on t-shirt templates. They can only contribute the designs and don’t have to create the product themselves, set up the selling page, or ship the items. 

Some websites allow shirt design creations. These are then uploaded using the user’s free account. Other sites also enable users to customize the style, color, and fonts of the design. After the customization, you will then set the price of the shirts. You will also have to exert some marketing efforts to spread the word about your items, like posting them on your social media accounts. 

These websites will also have different modes of payment. They will pay you for your work every month or per sale schedule. Some will pay a royalty that can reach up to 20% per shirt. Others will allow you to price your shirts over the base price to keep the profit. 

7. Take Up Social Media Management

If you don’t want to start your blog, you can also make money by managing other blogs. Some blog writers will look for experience when hiring a social media manager. If you have experience in social media promotion and know how to engage followers, the right people will come to you. 

Social media management positions require you to have knowledge of various social media platforms and how they work. You may be asked to post ready-made content and respond to inquiries and comments made by your followers. You can also write emails and newsletters related to new content or updates to increase the site’s popularity. 

8. Earn Money From eBooks

Another side hustle you can consider is writing eBooks. If you’re also a poet or someone with a way with words, you can turn them into eBooks through digital self-publishing. It allows you the freedom to create stories, instructional materials, or non-fiction works and sell them to anyone who might be interested in your output. 

Some platforms offer self-publishing. Others allow users to sell published works directly to customers and deduct a fee. Some platforms also encourage users to create their own stores and sell physical copies of books. 

Selling eBooks is profitable, but it’s also a great way to collect leads when you want to do a marketing funnel. It becomes a magnet for leads because it allows you to collect email addresses. Some will offer eBooks in return for signups.  

Moreover, create eBooks with evergreen content. They are topics that won’t change or evolve as soon as they are published. It is proven to be the best-selling eBook for making passive income. 


Money-making hustles for teenagers have evolved over the years because of the internet. They have more options than before other than doing manual labor. Digital jobs and opportunities have also allowed individuals with physical limitations to support themselves monetarily. Because of these advantages, teenagers are encouraged to learn more skills they can use in this technological era. 

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