Pitfalls To Avoid When Choosing An Enterprise Software

Any organization that is concerned about longevity and sustainability should have robust enterprise software that does the heavy lifting. Custom enterprise software is becoming common because no organization is the same and they will experience different challenges. That is why it is crucial for decision-makers to take time in analyzing the right solution that is needed to fuel the growth of the business.

The decision-making process is not a straightforward one as there are a couple of factors that are involved. We have highlighted some of the common pitfalls you can avoid when choosing enterprise software for your organization.

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Change Management

Change is bound to happen in any organization regardless of the size. There is bound to be disruptions in the IT infrastructure and good enterprise software should be robust enough to handle the changes. You should be able to approximate the changes required before you buy a new piece of software. The employees in the organization will also need to be trained on how to handle changes and getting acquainted with new systems before they are implemented or incorporated with other existing systems.

Physical Requirements

You will need to assess the current physical state of the IT infrastructure before you can think about buying new enterprise software. If it is a new company, the software will need to be bought first as it will decide the physical landscape of the IT infrastructure. It should be noted that the software you settle on will have a huge bearing on the kind of landscape you can incorporate therefore careful thought needs to go into the purchasing decision.

Load Migration

Data is the most important component of any organization. It will be impossible to make the right decisions if you don’t have the right data. Adding new software will mean exposing your data to new systems and extra validations in the future. It is important that you check the requirements for the new system so that they are compatible with the systems already in place. The migration of data needs to be seamless as it is an imperative component in the functioning of the business.

 Vendor Offering

A vendor might offer the best enterprise software in the market but lack the necessary support infrastructure to keep it operational. This is usually the case if you’re dealing with a third-party vendor who might not fully understand how the product functions. A good vendor should also provide support and should offer timely responses to queries and concerns whenever they’re called upon. It is important you do the due diligence of the provider especially if it is not a big company.

Preparing the Team

Your team will need to be prepared on how to use the new enterprise software. The software will be useless if it can’t serve its purpose. You will know it is working if it has been adapted with the concern parties in the organization. That’s why preparing your team is important so there is not a lot of friction when it comes to the assimilation of the custom enterprise software in the whole organization. The needs of a department will be different and they should offer a list of requirements that need to be addressed by the new enterprise software. The big challenge will be to create a project scope that addresses all the challenges being faced in the organization as far as IT infrastructure is concerned.


Businesses have different needs and it will be hard to find an enterprise software that can address every challenge. That is why it is important to go for custom enterprise software that is designed with the organization’s needs in mind. Trying to meet the needs of a customer can be dynamic and challenging. This will mean relying on customizations that are in line with the business objectives. The software should be designed to meet the requirements of the organization.

Unwanted Risks

There are a couple of vendors in the market today with some offering very attractive price points. Even with the abundance of options, it is important that you take caution when choosing enterprise software. You will be trusting the vendor with your data and not everyone is sincere in their dealings. Make sure you’re doing background checks on the potential company. It is also recommended you go for a test run before incorporating the enterprise software in your organization. Having a holistic understanding of the system in place will make things easier when searching for custom enterprise software.

Dragan Sutevski

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