How Is Automation Facilitating Exponential Growth For Start-ups?

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Automation is the new normal. Yes, you heard that right. Automation helps you derive more out of each passing moment. Today, companies cannot think of prospering without adequate automation tools. Right from salary and leave calculation to filing tax returns, automation makes life simpler and convenient. Today, the likes of Amazon have automated warehouses. In-built automation systems keep track of the products coming in and going out.

The likes of Salesforce Marketing Cloud helps you listen to what your customers are saying. It helps you get in touch with your customers across a host of channels such as social networks, emails, mobile, and web. Every single thing is integrated. It’s a small-small world.

1. Facilitates better marketing

Marketers are bound to perform better if they have automated processes at their disposal. Technology makes a person life easier. Companies can track results in real-time using advanced digital analytics. Technology can help you ascertain the most loyal segments within the target market. You can plan to get in touch with some of your most loyal consumers through customer analytics.

2. Leverages sales enablement

All of your streamlined sales processes can be leveraged using automation. Today, managers  are not required to monitor their subordinates manually. Every single thing, right from sales data monitoring to CRM, automation can provide you with super-fast results. With automation, leads can be routed at the right time to the right set of people to drive conversions.

3. Enhance HR and support services

Automation enables the people working in the Human Resource (HR) to automate tedious manual tasks. For instance: Calculating the number of leaves taken by employees is bound to take a lot of time. At present, software such as Keka are being used by companies and business houses to calculate the number of leaves availed by the workforce. Salary deductions are also calculated automatically.

4. Helps avoid technological disconnect

E-Commerce giant Amazon has invested heavily in automation. It grew by leaps and bounds through its one-click ordering technology. The company’s warehousing facilities are automated. Human interference has become negligible. Also, employee progress can be tracked using automated Elearning modules and worksheets. Automated timesheets are also used to calculate working hours. This helps senior managers to keep track of all the tasks that are being undertaken by the subordinates. For instance: An E-commerce startup can monitor the parcels that are being delivered using GPS-enabled tracking mechanisms.

5. Delivery systems

Delivery channels can be made easy using automation. At present, E-commerce giants such as Amazon and Alibaba are investing heavily in drone technology. Drones will be able to deliver parcels in villages and towns that happen to be remotely located. Some argue that this move will lead to job loss.

6. Get more out of your employees

This is one of the most rocking aspects of automation. You can get rid of all the low-value work using automation. Daily work reports can be sent automatically after the shift is over. Automation can also provide employees with customized solutions to increase efficiency. Automation can also help immensely in ensuring employee automation. Salaries can be credited without human intervention. Also, automation helps employees to file their tax returns and other documents with ease. All of these improvements help make an employee’s life easier.

To draw the curtains

Automation is a boon. It helps establish a link between business houses and their consumers. Automation helps get rid of redundant processes that end up taking too much time. Thanks to automated technologies, employees and senior managers can now focus on increasing their productivity without bothering much about the rudimentary stuff.