A Complete List of the Best Enterprise Architect Certifications

When you earn your money through architecture, you should always know about which certifications are the most rewarding. Enterprise architect certifications will help move you ahead of the game, while also learning more about your industry.

So which certifications will carry you the furthest in your career?

You can learn more about the most important enterprise architect certifications below.

AWS Certification

If you are into architectural design, taking the AWS Certified Solution Architect exam should be high on your list. You can earn a lot of money with an AWS certification, and it opens up your career path.

It will help you with any long-term project and opens you up to different design capabilities.

CTA Certification

The CTA cert is one of the enterprise architect certifications that proves you’re proficient in the Salesforce platform.

Salesforce is a type of software that uses cloud technology and different interfaces to bring several parties together for any kind of project. This can help you out with things like project planning, marketing, sales and more.

When you take your certification exam, you will have to use a mock scenario that lets you put your CTA experience and knowledge to use.

ITIL Certification

Mastering and passing the ITIL certification is necessary for people with IT leanings.

It mixes IT skills with leadership and management experience. Bear in mind that this is also a master certification. Before you can even take the exam, you have to work in the IT field for at least 5 years.

CISSP Certification

Security is important in all fields, and architecture is far from an exception. With the Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSIP), you can go farther in the field.

This is a cert that deals with things like infrastructure security, risk management, and compliance. After you get this certification you will also have to pay a yearly maintenance fee to keep it up to date.

TOGAF 9 Certification

The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) is a cert that will be helpful to you in any part of the field you work in.

With the TOGAF 9 certification, the barrier of entry is very low, so it is one that you can add to your portfolio even if you are fairly new to the industry. The exam takes a couple of hours and consists of two different parts.

It deals with subjects such as cloud computing and service management, which are growing parts of the architecture industry. You can study for this exam by downloading some free course materials and taking practice tests online.

Do Your Research Into These Top Enterprise Architect Certifications

Enterprise architect certifications should be on your list when you need to stand out. The great part is that these are certs that you can get on your own with just a little bit of studying and effort.

You can begin to grow your entrepreneur toolkit when you consider which certifications will be helpful to your career. Make sure to check back to learn more about optimizing your career path.

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