Tips for Packing and Shipping Boxes Securely

shipping boxes

When you are involved in shipping and packaging supplies for customers, you need to do it securely so that yours don’t get crushed or opened in the delivery process. As an eCommerce business owner, you’ll be striving to accomplish perfection when it comes to product delivery – no matter how far they go! So, shipping boxes are important for your small business.

When you improperly package your products, they are going to be far more at risk of being damaged along the way, and that shows the customer a lack of care. Sure, it may not be your fault that it gets damaged between you posting it to the delivery, but if you had packaged the product better,  then things could have been different.

Let’s work on being better at improving customer satisfaction and the first step to this is understanding the shipping boxesand packaging supplies that you need for your products. We’ll go through it all with you below.

Types of Packaging for Shipment

The options for shipping boxes and packaging supplies are seemingly endless according to, and that means that there are options out there for your business. The choices you make are generally dictated by the product you’re shipping, but here are some of the products that you can use for shipping:

Shipping Boxes

Boxes, boxes, everywhere, and tons of types to choose from. Here are some of the popular options for shipping boxes and packaging:

  • Paperboard/Chipment. Whether paperboard or chipment, you need boxes that are bendable and pliable that are also lightweight and uniform. Usually, in brown or white, these boxes are mostly for gifts and cosmetics.
  • Sturdy and strong, this type of box is built to hold the heavyweight objects. There’s a little more of a cushion for your products, too. More than one size, you will love these for destinations a little further away.
  • Mainly for long cross-border shipments, these are fabulous as an option for air freight shipping.

How To Choose The Right Shipping Boxes & Packaging Supplies

You want the best, sure, but the shipping and packaging supplies that you can choose from need to match your budgetary requirements as well as what your customers need. This means that you need to choose the right shipping boxes and packaging supplies. Here’s how to do that:

Size Matters.

It does, and here’s why: have you ever received a huge package to your door and it’s only got one small item inside not only is it a waste of packaging, it’s a waste of money and the product flies around in the box. The reverse is also true; with a product being put into an undersized box making it more susceptible to damage.

Type Of Product.

Fragile products require more packaging compared to those that are more sturdy. You’ll also need to consider how snug the fit needs to be to ensure the least possible damage.


The more your product and its packaging weigh, the more you and your customers are going to spend. It’s this that makes shopping for the right shipping and packaging supplies so important. Choose the right balance of cost, protection, and weight to get your product to the right place without overspending.

How To Pack A Shipping Box

Did you know that packing a box ready for shipping is different from packing to move house? Products need to be packaged correctly to ensure that they meet their recipients in one piece. Here’s how to do that!

  • Pad the Boxes. Breakables need to have extra support, so packaging peanuts or bubble wrap will do the job! You can even use old newspaper shreds to get the desired effect.
  • Wrap The Product. For extra security, wrap each product individually and you’ll be better protected as you go. Add packing tape for extra security.
  • Shake It, Baby. You’ve chosen the right box, you’ve padded it out and you’ve wrapped the product for extra protection. Now, give it a shake! If you can hear the product rattling about, then it’s not secure enough. Unwrap it a little and try again, then seal it with the right tape so that you can feel confident that you have used the right material.

If you ensure that you adhere to strict packaging policies, you will be able to minimize your losses and increase your customer’s satisfaction along the way. Use the best quality products along the way for your shipping and packaging supplies, and you won’t go wrong! You want products to arrive without damage, and with these tips, that’s exactly what you can achieve.