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Probably the most attractive entertainment activity in many countries is online gambling. This sector has shown incredible growth over the last few years especially in the United Kingdom and evidently, the competition between the gambling sites is ferocious there. Nonetheless, the problems related to this sphere increase and according to the survey, 430,000 people are estimated to meet gambling harms and over 2 million people are at risk to experience one.

Consequently, many organizations were launched to minimize these issues through prevention, education, and communication. One of the well-reputed bodies is GamCare that aims to reduce as much as possible problems gambling in Britain.

Company Information

GamCare has been around since 1997 that supports any individuals affected by problem gambling across England, Scotland, and Wales. Besides, this charity organization operates the National Gambling Helpline and raises public awareness about responsible gambling and treatment. It also applies an effective approach to responsible gambling and helps problem gamblers and their families.


  • The high-quality services offered by GamCare support the problem gamblers in the UK via face to face, telephone, and live chat. The live chat is called HelpLine and NetLine which can be reachable between 8 am and midnight seven days a week. Furthermore, those who want to share their experiences and find support from others can join the online forum and chatrooms.
  • GamCare’s objective is the second feature that is worth mentioning as it aims to reduce harms related to gambling in the UK. Its first objective is to provide effective advice and support the problem gamblers in the whole of Britain. The company also helps and encourages the operators and regulators that implement effective responsible gambling approaches and practices.
  • Governance at GamCare is the next feature. In fact, the body is committed to offering the best service within quality assurance and a strong framework of governance. In addition, it delivers its governance framework including leadership, systems and processes, staff training and support, feedback from the beneficiaries, evidence-based practice, responsive services, and audit cycles.


GamCare has three main duties such as working with the gamblers who have problems, working with the gambling industry, and providing prevention and public education.

  1. Concerning working with the gamblers, the company can be contacted with a free national gambling helpline and Netline. Besides, it also offers free face to face counseling for those who experience gambling problems. Therefore, GamCare is the first organization to call or contact for the players who meet the gambling issues. These HelpLine and NetLine Services are available 7 days a week with highly skilled and trained advisors. With the growth of technology, all the problems will stay confidentially.
  2. As for the second duty working with the gambling industry, GamCare obviously needs materials to achieve its goals like reinforcing gambler protection and social responsibility. The national land-based or non UK registered gambling companies for British bettors that have helped GamCare get a certification from this company as long as they successfully implement the policy and practice to protect the players. What’s more, GamCare has recently applied the Interaction Training Programme permitting the professionals in customer service to detect problem gambling behavior and supply effective advice to the gambling firm managers. This latter can, thus, establish an interaction with the gamblers in the purpose to get a positive result.
  3. Finally, with Education and Prevention duties, GamCare continually finds the effective policies and strategies in the goal to create awareness and educate the public on the risks and problems of gambling. Its website supports those who are experiencing gambling issues. Additionally, this site allows them to understand more about gambling and the necessary resource to help them to make the right decision. There are also education projects for the young community from ages 12-18.

Final Words

To sum up, protecting people from gambling problems needs more collaborations and proactive policies. One of the organizations that aim to reduce these issues is GamCare. This company creates awareness, educates, and helps problem gamblers in the UK.

This leading provider of advice, information, and support offers its services in the United Kingdom and has collaborated with many remote and non-remote gambling companies like Gamblers Anonymous to implement the gambler protection approach and practice. GamCare can be called on 0808 8020 133 or live chat.

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