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How to Write a Great Value Proposition

value proposition

One of the most essential elements of ads and web pages is a value proposition. Capturing your target audience’s interests and informing them about your offers come down to the effectiveness of your proposition.

If you fail at creating a great value proposition, people won’t notice your ads and would just settle with other brands which are more interesting. If you don’t want this to happen, it’s important to write a value proposition that will stand out.

But, before you start writing a great value proposition, it’s crucial to know what it is first. Basically, a value proposition is not just the service or product you agree to deliver to your customers. It also serves as your business ingredient, which solves problems that your competitors can’t do. In short, value propositions are your unique identifier. Without these, people won’t have any reason to transact with you.

If you know how to write a great value proposition, below are the things you should consider:

1. Clearly Define Your Service or Product

Determine what your product is and what it does. You have to start with a thorough understanding of your product before you could convey it to the customers. Try to describe your service in different ways to various individuals outside and inside of your business to see what resonates. If you could describe the product’s functionality in between 3 and 5 words, this will leave you with more room to highlight the aspects of your products once you sit down and write a value proposition.

For example, you must have a good coffee when you have a coffee shop. You could think about what the coffee tastes like, the color, the size, etc. You should also make sure that you clearly state what the product does. Do you mean that the product makes people more productive? Then, you should mention its benefits. Do you mean that it is helpful for people to stay in shape? Then, you need to emphasize its physical benefits. How does your product help you achieve your goals? This is what you should do if you are trying to explain the functionality of your product to the consumers.

2. Determine Your Buyers

One of the basics to build a superior value proposition is to determine your customer base. If you have not created buyer personas, now is the best time to do it. If you have, use your research data and buyer personas when creating your value proposition. Make sure not to do separate research for personas and propositions. All your targeted content must be aimed at the same buyer personas. Otherwise, you’re going to have a confused and mismatched marketing strategy.

If you’re not addressing your target audience in your value proposition, see to it that you’re using the language relevant to them. Use phrases that only developers would understand if you like to speak to the developers. If your target is a non-technical user, phrase things in a simple manner.

If you are speaking to the programmers, use technical terms that are easy for them to understand. If you are addressing non-developers, make sure you speak to them in their language. In this case, your language should be simpler than the developer’s language. To attract more people to your product, ensure that your value proposition has language that appeals to people. You must write the value proposition so that the people you want to buy your product will understand it.

3. Make Sure to Differentiate Yourself in Your Value Proposition

Many markets and industries are saturated with lots of competition. For this reason, it can be tough to stand out among the crowd. Therefore, writing a great value proposition that would help you differentiate yourself from the competition is important. Additionally, it will convince all your target audience about the worth and value of your products.

To stand out, you must think differently. You should write a unique and persuasive value proposition. You can’t just copy what the competition is doing. You need to offer something different from what is already offered. People want quality and value and not quantity. If you want to succeed, you must give your customers what they want and ensure that you are different from your competitors.

Your value proposition must utilize the inbound marketing methodology to strike a balance between the explanation of the benefits of your services while engaging with customers and leads.

4. Include A Visual as a Part of Your Value Proposition

An example, an image or video of what your product does may go a long way. You may create a better idea of what can be accomplished with your products. Another advantage of using an image is generating an understanding of the products after landing on the page. Often, it’s worth it to spend time creating a powerful image that will perfectly match your value proposition.

Expanding your proposition with a video can also make a valuable difference. It’s where you can include other important details about your products. Explore some effective visuals for this purpose. For example, you can combine cartoon illustrations and live-action. Making use of graphs to break down the problems your products can solve is also important.

Suppose you want to create a video that will be effective. In that case, you should include other important details about your products. It’s not just enough to explain what you do. You need to show the benefits of using your products. For instance, showing people how it will save them time is essential. Also, it’s good to show the results that they can expect.

value proposition - visual

5. Pay Importance to Leaning On Your Resources

Once you write a value proposition and check some value proposition examples, you’ll see the importance of leaning on all of your resources. Meaning your proposition should be supported by some content. Take note that your services or products are more than just a simple sentence. Link to the detailed features lists so you can elaborate on your products. Use cases page so people will understand the advantages and where exactly your products should be utilized. Another great asset to include is a set of customer testimonials if you have some.

Ensure you link to your website, product, customer support page, FAQs page, and other pages that help explain your products and how they work. Make sure you discuss your products in detail because this is what people will remember and why they need to use your services or products.

You should create a web page with testimonials of your customers who have used your services or products. You could even make a video that shows what your customers think about your products and services. Remember, you want to build your brand image and be seen as an expert in your field. So make sure you have a lot of content that people will appreciate and understand.

6. Include Statistics

Facts are no doubt important, but for you to write a great value proposition, you should back them up using statistics. The reason behind it is that customers feel reassured if they see you’re not just claiming everything about your products and that you have proof. Statistics is especially important in industries where customers are skeptical.

7. Make Everything Clear

If your value proposition is capturing a broader concept, it may be difficult to keep things concise and clear. Once you fail to do this, you’ll lose the potency you need to capture everyone’s attention. If you can’t do this, you can make a value proposition in the style of creating a CTA or call to action. For example, tell your audience what they’ll do as soon as they take action with your offerings in the same way you usually do with an effective CTA.

8. Don’t Forget to List the Benefits of Your Offerings

If you know what you’re promoting using your value proposition, you have to include the key benefits of your offerings. Value propositions should capture the broadest and most essential benefits of your offers.

9. Test Your Value Proposition

More often than not, the majority of marketers forget about testing variations when creating a value proposition. So, make sure to test your propositions with a small group of users. The key is testing value propositions that are different from one another. You must also test propositions that focus on various user problems and primary benefits to ensure that you’re on the right path.


Writing a great value proposition is more than just writing a sales copy. It’s the whole premise of why your target audience should purchase your offerings. With this in mind, making it clear the moment your customers land on your page is crucial to set your brand apart from others.

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