6 Questions to Differentiate Your Small Business From Others

differentiate your small business

Why your customers will choose your business over everyone else on the market? This is the key question, and if you find the best possible answer it will guarantee your entrepreneurial success. You need to differentiate your small business from competitors.

Your business needs to be different from your competitors. Because of that, you will need to work continuously to differentiate your small business from others on the market. But, this isn’t a one-time task for you something that you can make and stop. When you work to differentiate your small business from the competitors, you will need to continuously work to discover and improve every possible aspect of your small business.

In this post, I want to talk something about this subject and share six questions which answers will lead you to possible ideas to differentiate your small business from everyone else on the market who competes with you for the same target customers and offers products and services to solve the same problems that your business solves for your customers.

1. What did your customers want?

Always start from your customers, they are the best sources of information for you and your company. Start asking your current customers what they want from you and how you can help them to succeed. Then, when you discover what are wants and desires of your customers you can simply work in your company to ship all of that. In such a way, if you have built a strong relationship with your current and potential customers, you can always over deliver on their expectations and this is the best possible differentiation for your small business.

2. What industry standards are currently in place?

Each industry has his own standards that are simply followed from the companies that make that industry. But, why you don’t try to improve that standards, to over deliver more than those standards ask from you or simply to change those standards. If you succeed in this, you will become an industry leader, someone who is different from everyone else on the market.

3. Where are you and your competitors the same and how you can differentiate your small business?

This third question is related to your competitors and a simple comparison between you and your small business and them. You can’t differentiate your small business from the competition if you are the same. Answering this question will give you a possible list of what you need to improve in your small business to make it different from others.

differentiate your small business to choose you

4. What type of problems I was ignoring in the past?

I am sure that you already have a bunch of problems that you have ignored in the past. Probably your competitors also ignore such a problem. Why you do not try to solve them, improve your business and in such a way differentiate yourself from competitors?

5. What I can improve in my company?

The fifth question to create a really different business is related to your ability to constantly work on the improvement of your small business. If you have everyday improvements, you will be the leader, someone who is different from the others on the marketplace.

6. What my competitors are doing that I can do better from them?

And as the last question when you want to differentiate your small business, I want you to think again about the competitors and what they are currently doing to be better from you. When you discover what they are doing, think about possible ways how you can start doing the same, but better from them.

I think that this questions and their answers are something that will never leave you without possible ideas to differentiate your small business from others. Use them every day, and you can make a difference in your industry.

What you are doing to differentiate your small business from others?