Tips to Protect a Young Upstart from Cyber Threats

According to a Verizon report, 58% of all cybercrime victims are small businesses. Only 14% of these businesses are prepared to handle cyber-attacks. It is worrying, right? As a small business operating in an increasingly digitized world, it is impossible to ignore cybersecurity matters. Cybercrimes can result in millions of losses that could bankrupt your new venture. Luckily there are great measures that you could employ to guard your business. Let’s discuss them below. 

Educate your staff on cyber attacks 

If you are to win the war on cybercrimes, you must take the time to train your employees about cyber-attacks. Having systems or software’s in place will not suffice if your employees are in the dark when it comes to cybersecurity. Keep in mind that 95% of cybersecurity breaches are due to human error. This means all the cyber-attacks and privacy intrusion begins with un-informed individuals. You can bring them to speed on common cyber-attack concepts such as malware, identity theft, email security phishing, etc. 

Backup your data

Thanks to the cheap and surplus online data backup services, young entrepreneurs have no excuse not to back up their data. Let’s pause and think for a minute. Imagine waking up only to realize that all your data is lost or deleted by a ransomware attack? All your hard work has gone by a click of a second, frustrating, right? To avoid this, make sure to invest in a sound backup plan for your business. Luckily cloud computing has made it much easier for small businesses who don’t have the financial muscle for paid backup solutions. 

Upgrade your software

As technology evolves, cyber threats, viruses, and malware become more sophisticated, making it easier for cybercriminals. In essence, working with outdated software poses a lot of risks to your business. On the other hand, updating your software guards you against new-found cyber threats. Always try to be on the lookout for an improved version of the relevant software for your business.

For example, if your business is running on Mac, upgrading to the latest Mac OS Big Sur could be a plus to your security. Moving to advanced software like the Big Sur comes with advanced security patches that will protect your device. Beware though that a Mac Big Sur upgrade can come with a fair of challenges but you can always troubleshoot and find quick fixes. Remember to also upgrade your business software whenever there are new versions available. The bottom line is that regular upgrades to your software tools will avoid risks that come with software design flaws.

Restrict admin rights

If you are looking at a simple way to enhance security for your startup is to restrict access rights. Try using the principle of the least privilege to help secure your business systems. Basically, the rule is “do not award privileges to use applications that do not need them.” Limit access for employees to only the data and application required to do their jobs. The policy minimizes threats and makes it easy to establish links in case of an attack.  

Invest in security products and tools

There are lots of top security products and tools that are a must-have for every business. Let’s sample some below. 

  • Firewall– It is the first line of defense in network security that monitors networks based on predetermined security rules. It decides whether to block or allow certain traffic.
  • Antivirus software– a program that protects against computer virus and attacks
  • VPN– Virtual Private network is simply a secure solution that allows users to send and receive data via the internet while maintaining their privacy and data confidentiality. A remote-access VPN allows you to log into the company network from anywhere. 

Wrap up

To enjoy a thriving business especially in cyberspace, you must invest in cybersecurity. Cases of digital attacks have become some of the gravest risks young businesses face today. Well, if you look at the impact of network outages, data breaches, and ransomware on small businesses, then you might understand the necessity for cybersecurity. Try the tips discussed above and enjoy the myriad of opportunities provided by tech.

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