Clover Flex VS the Clover Mini – Best for Small Businesses

Starting a small business can be a very exciting experience. While you are getting started, there are many decisions to make. One such important decision will be to choose your point of sale system. Selecting the right one will help you to keep your sales and inventory organized while also accepting payments. You may be choosing between the Clover Flex and Clover Mini. Below is some information to help you decide.

Clover System

As their names imply, both of these POS systems are offered by Clover. They use Clover 2.0 software, the heart of all of Clover’s products. This software is very customizable with numerous options for all sorts of small businesses.

For example, if you run a retail store, you can customize the system for sales at a counter and inventory tracking. If you have a salon, you can manage appointments and set up different representative IDs for each of your stylists.

It can support a variety of payment types including credit cards, contactless payments, phone apps, and more. You can even set up a merchant cash discount program to provide a discount to your customers if they cash in cash.

In short, no matter which Clover POS system you choose, you are going to be getting great software. Therefore, the decision will largely come down to the hardware that works best for you.

Clover Flex

The Flex is a small, handheld Clover credit card machine. This makes it a great choice for any type of business that involves associates taking payment directly (rather than taking the payment card and returning). This is a common setup for entertainment businesses that let people order food and drinks from their seats. It may also work for a high-end store that involves a lot of personal attention by representatives.

This is also a popular option for businesses that have a serious premium on space. For example, a food truck or pop-up store may benefit from using the Clover Flex.

Clover Mini

The Clover Mini is another small option from Clover. Although it is larger than the Flex, it is much smaller than the Station, the largest option from the brand. The Clover Mini can fit neatly onto almost any counter. It is a very popular option for businesses that want to have a dedicated space for accepting payments but that don’t have a lot of room.

This is a great choice for stores with small counters. It can also be a good choice for businesses that want a countertop model but don’t need the extra hardware of the Station.

Choosing One for Your Small Business

The choice between these two models should be based on the size that works for your needs. They are very similar. So, think about which one will fit into your workflow best.

Find a Payment Partner Today

When you know which POS system you want, it is time to select a payment processing partner. Find one that will offer the hardware you want and that has a fee schedule that works for your business. For example, you may want to find a partner with no monthly fees.

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