Learn How to Create and What to Include in Your Business Ideas Book?

include in business ideas book

We don’t know where and when we can have good business ideas in our brain. If we don’t remember our thoughts, then the business potential energy of the process of creation of those ideas will be at a lower level. One tip I have explained in the 6 tips for increasing creativity was to always have with you a notebook where you will write each idea that comes up in your brain. This notebook is business ideas book where you will write everything that will come to your mind as a business idea.

This notebook will be your business ideas book. It is a simple one table where you will note each of your thoughts and where you will note some additional things about them.

The Content You Need to Have in Your Business Ideas Book?

First, I want to mention that business ideas book can be only one piece of paper only with the names of ideas. But, I recommend one that will increase your business potential energy of your company. Here, the form is not important, but the content.

I want to present the content that is something that will increase your creativity and force you to some new thinking that will improve your process. You must reserve one page or piece of paper for one idea. Simply, this book must include six things:

1. The name of the idea

This is the field that will differentiate one idea from another business idea. You will probably have more than one idea, and this will help you to be more organized.

2. A brief description of your business idea

Give some brief description of each business idea. In such a way, you will cover some different aspects of that idea. This can bring you more possibilities of improvement of your basic concepts.

3. Current market practice

This is an essential part of your business ideas book because you will start thinking about the market. What’s going on the market where you plan to launch those ideas. Who are the current players on the market?

Future activities

With this field, your business ideas book became a blueprint for your next steps. Describe 3-5 future steps that you must take about each of the business ideas. This can be some brief analysis, talking with friends, making a plan and so on.

5. Likelihoods of realization

What are the likelihoods of realization? Here I like to use three categorizations: low, medium and high likelihoods. In such a way, you can start with classification and prioritization of the ideas that will move in the next steps of a startup process.

6. Quality of the ideas

In this field also you can use low, medium and high quality. When you write all previous fields, you will know something about the quality of your ideas. This also will help you with improvements to all business ideas. If quality is high, then this venture can go to the next steps of a business startup process.

How Can You Make a Business Ideas Book?

You can make it differently. What you will choose is up to you and will depend on what is more comfortable for you. As I have mentioned before, the form is not important. The content is something that is important. Your business ideas book can be as a:

  • Paper form – Piece of paper or notebook.
  • Electronic form – Evernote notebook, Microsoft Office Word, Excel file, or other file formats.

The process is simple. You must have always with you that piece of paper or notebook or your mobile phone to update your business ideas book when you come up with a something worth as an idea. After that, when you have time spend 10-minutes to fill all previously mentioned fields. In such a way, your job for this one page in a business ideas book will finish.

The business ideas book template you can download here.