5 Steps to Building a Construction Startup

If you’re looking to launch a construction startup, you’ll need to follow some important steps to succeed.

Have you longed to start your own construction business after several years of working for another company? If so, who can blame you? There is a lot of freedom associated with becoming your own boss. Not only do you get to schedule your own work and decide which jobs to take, but you only answer to one person: yourself. Furthermore, if you enjoy building a team of like-minded individuals, then you can enjoy the hiring process and create a solid team of hard workers who have the same work ethic and values as you.

Starting your construction startup, however, is no easy task. There are a lot of moving parts you need to get a handle on. Plus, you may need to read up on the laws surrounding the construction industry and check whether you need to take any exams and gain certain qualifications. Before you open your doors and start contacting customers, you need to ensure that you have completed the right paperwork and that you have the tools for the job. Failure to prepare can cause issues down the line that may be dangerous not only in regards to your safety but also to the safety of others.

If you are looking to start your own construction company, here are a few steps for you to take to ensure that the foundations of your business endeavor are as stable as can be.

1. Create a Business Plan

Every business needs a business plan. It is an essential part of starting a business, but it is also useful for established businesses. This is because a business plan can help outline a business’s overall goals and ambitions, keeping you and your workers on track. What’s more, a business plan can help you to secure funding for your construction startup from investors.

So, how can you create a solid business plan? While there is no wrong way to write a business plan, you will still want to ensure that your plan is easy to read and decipher, so that you can understand your business milestones. Remember, if you want to secure funding, then you will be showing this business plan to potential investors and partners. They will want to quickly grasp your business’s direction so that they can make a judgment as to whether you are a business that they are interested in investing in. Here is a useful guide on how you can write an effective business plan and what to include.

2. Find a Place for Construction Startup Operations

It is likely that you will start your business operations from your own home, but once your business grows, you may wish to expand and move to an office. Remember that if you do work from home, you will still need to have a proper place to work from. This means minimizing distractions and potentially setting up a professional waiting area if you are expecting clients or customers to come over to your home to discuss building plans and operations.

3. Do You Need to Buy or Hire Tools?

Starting out may mean that you do not have the funds to buy your own set of tools yet. Therefore, you may have to hire the tools needed for the job and save your money so that you can invest in your own at a later date. That being said, hiring tools for certain jobs (especially if they are unusual jobs that you do not get a lot of) can work out cheaper. You will need to research which tools are worth buying and which work out better to hire.

4. Have a Lawyer on Standby for Your Construction Startup

Work accidents happen, but they are more prone and likely to occur in the construction industry due to the dangerous nature of the job. It is wise for you to hire the services of a lawyer so that you have a legal professional to help you if you ever have an accident on a job and need to make a claim against the owner of the premises you are working on. They will also be useful to have on hand if you are working alongside another construction business and they are the cause of an accident harming you.

When finding an attorney, make sure to look for one that is located in your immediate area. For instance, if you are based in New York, then it would serve you well to find one of the best construction accident attorneys in New York, such as Schwartzapfel Lawyers.

5. Hire an Accountant

If you are not savvy with numbers or do not have the time to slave over your books, hire an accountant. This can be a great way to keep track of your expenses and profit, making it easier for you to see how well your construction startup is performing. Here are a few benefits of hiring an accountant.

The construction industry is incredibly profitable, simply because construction will always be required. Therefore, if you are a tradesperson with an entrepreneurial spirit, why not consider starting up your own construction business?

Dragan Sutevski

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