Small Business Advice: Use Upselling as a Strategy

You invest really huge effort to make that first sale. Why not try to sell more? Why not try to present additional offers from your business and increase your average sales. Using upselling, you can increase your business potential to make a larger sale for your business.

Are you using such an opportunity for your business? Or, you simply leave the potential sales on the table?

Using Upselling

If not used yet, probably this is the right time to design something that you can use to increase the overall business potential energy of your company. You will see dramatic increases in your income.

Once you capitalize on that purchase you want them to buy as much as possible. You are not risking anything because your customers have already made a purchase. You only offer additional value under special conditions because they have already made a purchase. If they don’t want to buy your additional offer, they will simply ignore them, and life continues.

However, if you don’t try with an additional offer as a part of the upselling strategy, you are giving up on the opportunity of additional sales.

If you design the process in the right way, the conversion rate will be much better. When I talk about a proper way, I think about the following:

  • To offer products and services that your current customer really needs.
  • To offer products and services that are in accordance with the already purchased products and services, or complement on that products and services.
  • To offer something really valuable for the customers.
  • To make a really irresistible offer.

This week’s small business advice: Analyze your current offers and try to find where it will be appropriate to use upselling strategy. Design the process properly and analyze the results. Your job will be to increase the conversion rate by testing different products and services and different offers.

Dragan Sutevski

Posted by Dragan Sutevski

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