Packaging Boxes: Questions To Ask A Shop That Sells It

Packaging Boxes

Do you own a business or planning to up a business for a product or item you are confident that will succeed? If so, apart from marketing strategy and improving your products, you also have to give huge attention to the packaging you will use for your products. 

There are many packaging companies around, all of them will claim that they can deliver you the highest quality design packaging boxes you need, but not until you try their items, you can guarantee that they are really the best. 

Moving on, if you want to minimize the chance of getting disappointed, asking the company with relevant questions is what you need to do. 

There are many questions to ask, but make sure that you are sticking with only the relevant ones as if not, you end up wasting not just their time but yours too. 

Here are some relevant questions you can start with:


Price is one of the major questions to ask when working with a company that sells packaging boxes. Sure, you would not want to buy boxes too soon without considering how much it is. Asking price will also give you the opportunity to compare one company’s price to another. 

Also, once you know the price of their boxes, you can start negotiating. Most of the time though, shops selling packaging boxes give their best rate to customers that are buying in bulk, hence if you are buying boxes in higher quantity, expect that you can get their boxes at a lower price. 

Needless to say, if you are trying to negotiate, do not assume that they will get in with your price, as there is a chance that they won’t. 


Warranty is also a question you have to seriously ask. What kind of warranty do they provide with their boxes? You would not want to end up wasting your money with boxes that were not made right. 

Most of the time though warranty information is already available on the site’s FAQ tab, but just to make sure that you can get exact information about it, asking is a good idea. If you are not satisfied with the warranty they offer, finding another shop is best to consider. 


When can you receive your order? This is a question required to be asked especially if you are using the boxes for all your products and you only have a few left on hand. You are also asking this question not to rush them but to set your expectations properly. Sure, you would not want to wait for them forever as if you do, your business might be in great danger. 

To make sure that you can receive your orders on time or earlier before you need them, place an order ahead of time. Give them enough time to create your boxes in their most accurate and precise manner. 

Order cancellation

You may also want to ask about order cancellation. What are their guidelines when you need to cancel your order or is there a way to cancel your order? Some companies charge a fee for the cancellation of an order; hence it is best if you know this beforehand. 


When can your orders be shipped, how much is the shipping fee, how will they pack your ordered boxes, do they have an in house delivery service or they will hire a third party delivery service, can they deliver in your area, and so on. Shipping is very important, and something that you must ask if you want not to get disappointed.