How Often Should I Reboot My Wi-Fi Router?

When your internet is not working fine and the speed is not consistent, the first step that you take is rebooting your router. You can also contact the customer service department, for example, if you use spectrum you will contact Spectrum customer service and report your issue. However, the question is how often you should reboot your equipment and why is it important. We are going to provide you the reasons why you should reboot your system and how it can be beneficial in this article.

How often should I reboot my router?

You will find many people who will suggest you reboot your router, and you are often clueless why you should be doing it. In all honesty, there is no specific reason why you should be rebooting your router frequently, but it has advantages. Many internet service providers reboot their routers after every few months.

It is recommended by all the professionals that you should reboot your router after every 2-3 months because it refreshes everything, and it can also help you to remove the bugs. The real question is, should you only reboot your router when you are facing any issue with the internet speed of your internet connection? The answer to this question is no, you should make it a habit of rebooting your router after every 3 months because it is better for the hardware, and it keeps your router in good shape.

Benefits of rebooting your router

While there is no expert advice on how regularly you should reboot your router, all the large router manufacturers suggest the users reboot their router now and then. We are mentioning the benefits that you get after rebooting your router in detail.

Fast internet connection

Most of the users who face issues with their internet speed feel like their internet is not as fast as it is on the regular basis, reboot their router. If you feel like your internet speed is becoming slow you should try to reboot your router because as soon as you do that you will see a visible difference in the internet speed.

When you reboot your router it will repair your connection and it will also clear out extra piled up data, sometimes it also helps to maintain a good connection with all the devices that you connect with that. Mostly,  rebooting router reserves in fast internet speeds because it clears the pathway of the signals.

It can help to fix minor problems

Usually, people say that if you face any issues with your internet you should unplug and plugin you are router and the issue will be fixed. Do it will not work in every situation but if you are having connection issues then you can reboot your router, in the notice if it starts working fine. Usually, this trick works.

It can prevent hacking

Even though rebooting your router will not prevent you from all the malware attacks but it can prevent some Malware attacks on your system. The way the hacking process takes place if you reboot your router it will become difficult for a hacker to hack your system.

If you feel like someone has hacked your router or your internet, you can simply choose the factory reset option for your router. It might help you for a time being, but if you still feel that there is some issue you can report it to the customer service department for you can hire some IT expert to resolve this issue.

How can I reboot my router?

This depends on the kind of router that you have, but usually, your internet service provider will provide you with the router, and the drill is the same for most of them. You can find a button at the back of your router which you can press and wait for a while, this will reboot your router. You might have to wait for a while until the light solidifies and you start seeing a green light on it. This will indicate that your order is working fine.

Pro-tip for router

sometimes people get their router instead of using the one that is provided by the internet service provider. Just like when you are tired you need rest, same is the case with their technological equipment like a router. You should replace your router after every three to four years because it becomes obsolete when it gets old and it is not working fine.

Wrapping Up

Imagine a day when you are having issues with your internet and the speed is slow, it will be very irritating right? The best trick to solve all these minor issues is rebooting your router. It is advised by tech experts that you should frequently reboot your router and you will see the difference.

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