How You Can Improve Business Performances With Your Business Potential Energy

business potential energy - testing of business ideas

I have already talked about the concept of business potential energy. This concept is a proven technique that I use in my consulting practice when work with my clients to improve their business performances with exponential speed.

Linearity of Business Performances and Business Potential Energy

Let’s start first with something about business performances. The important question is to understand what really means business performance.

What is business performance? The performance is a possibility of some individual or group to accomplish some desired targets.

Business performance will be a possibility of the business to achieve business goals that you set up to achieve. On the other hand, performance is a measure of results achieved. If your business achieve great results, then your business will have better performance. If we achieve smaller results or nothing we will have smaller performance.

The influence of your business potential energy on your business performance have linear function. This means that:

  • The high level of business potential energy, bring better business performance.
  • The low level of business potential energy, will bring smaller business performances.

Unique Formula to Improve Your Business Performances

But, here is missing transformation of this business potential energy into kinetic energy. As I have already said, without kinetic energy with which your business will perform the work, you cannot expect your business performance to increase. Because of that we cannot take the linearity of this function to be totally true.

Ok, now we assume that this potential energy influence on your business performances. The factors related to potential energy that have influence on business performance are following:

  • Business potential energy (BPE),
  • A number of crucial business elements with business potential energy (N) and
  • Possibility to transform potential energy into business kinetic energy (P).

Now when we have the factors influencing business performances, we can find the dependence between the potential energy and business performance.

As a first thing, this dependence is an exponential function. In the exponential function as one element grows, then the whole function will grow. This function will be:



  • BP is business performance,
  • P is a possibility to transform your business potential energy into kinetic energy and
  • N is the number of the crucial business elements that posses the potential energy and we select to increase their business potential energy.

The Meaning of the Elements in Formula

As you can see, with this formula, you can cover all crucial factors that influencing on your business performances. On the other hand, you can achieve exponential increasing of your business performance when you increase your business potential energy, number of crucial elements and possibilities to transform that business potential energy into kinetic energy.

You need to pay attention to the following things:

  • The value of business potential energy (BPE) will be from 0 to 1 (0 ≤ BPE ≤ 1)
  • A number of crucial elements (N) will be a positive number greater than 0 (N > 0), and
  • The possibility to transform your potential energy into business kinetic energy (P) will be a likelihood that can be from 0 to 1 (0 ≤ P ≤ 1).

Let’s see some examples:

examples business potential energy

You can see from the examples, in the first and third extreme cases the importance of business potential energy. When this potential energy is 0, even other elements are good, the business performance will always be 0. When the potential energy is at a maximum level (1.00), then you can utilize the potential of other elements in the formula.