5 Effective Tips for Finding the Right Blockchain Marketing Agency

Blockchain Marketing Agency

The demand for blockchain solutions and services is rising faster than many analysts have estimated. The Blockchain Services Global Market Report speculates that the blockchain service market will grow by a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 59% by 2025, which will give the market a value of $10 billion—a significant growth from $1.62 billion in 2021 at a CAGR of 52.8%.

This report indicates that many sectors are beginning to venture into blockchain to provide scalable services to their customers. The financial, tech, and health sectors are the leaders pushing the ecosystem to greater heights.

So, why do you need a blockchain PR agency? 

Well, the report above indicates that the services of PR and marketing agencies will also be on the rise because without them, these solutions may not reach many blockchain and crypto communities, considering the number of ICOs and crypto tokens currently in circulation. 

Many blockchain marketing agencies are scattered across many regions, but only a few can boast of satisfying their clients. This article provides you with five effective and helpful tips for finding the perfect blockchain marketing agency for your blockchain service or solution.

1. Check the Blockchain Marketing B2B Hub

One of the best tips for finding the best blockchain marketing agency is to head over to reputable blockchain marketing B2B hubs like Blockchain Marketing, which covers everything in that space.

Such sites provide an overview of the service offerings of top agencies, their clientele base, global footprint, and case studies. With a list in mind, it makes it easier to narrow down your search while using other effective tips. 

2. Focus on Team Size and Capabilities

The team size of a blockchain marketing agency often determines the size of projects it can handle. Recruiting an agency with a small team for a major project means the agency may farm part or all of the services out.

While it’s okay for blockchain marketing agencies to sub-contract other firms, you need to know the exact services your choice agency is offering and the expertise of the team working on your project. That way, you also get to know the services they may outsource.

3. Check Their Clients and Past Results

One of the best ways to determine the capabilities of a marketing agency is to check the satisfaction levels of its past and current clients. It’s never a good idea to be the first blockchain project that the agency is working with.

So if they’re good enough for the job, they should have a track record of similar projects they handled with outstanding results. It’s also not uncommon for agencies to fabricate the truth behind past projects.

As such, it’s advisable to reach out to the agency’s past clients (if possible) and see if they would recommend the agency for subsequent projects. 

More so, marketing results shouldn’t be all about long speeches and carefully written reports. It should contain measurable statistics. For instance, if it’s social media growth, you’ve got to know exactly how many followers a client’s social media platform got within a definite time frame.

4. Pay Attention to Their Pricing and How It Aligns to Your Budget

While you shouldn’t sacrifice quality for low prices, it’s important you also work on marketing campaigns that are consistent with your budget. Different marketing agencies have varying pricing structures.

Some may be exaggerated, while some may be ridiculously cheap, raising the concern of whether they can get the job done.

However, high price does not always equate to good quality. So when choosing a marketing agency, request price quotes and make a comparison with other agencies in the industry to ensure you’re not paying off the grid. 

5. Don’t Compromise on Communication

A good blockchain marketing agency must offer applaudable customer service to help communicate properly with clients. This is quite essential because you don’t want to hire an agency that will keep you in the dark for days or weeks.

Also, the blockchain PR agency should be willing to set up advisory meetings to help you make informed decisions that favor your campaign and project. As expected, the advisory team needs to be highly experienced in the nature of your project.


To ensure your blockchain solution does not get left out due to the rising buzz in the blockchain ecosystem, you must get quality and reliable services from a good blockchain marketing agency.

Finding them may become a thorn in the flesh, but applying these helpful tips will save you a great deal of stress. You can always rely on reputable blockchain marketing review sites to make the job easier and faster.