Ways To Add WOW Factor to Your Brand Packaging

During COVID-19, many businesses struggled but eCommerce witnessed a great boom, and in fact, many people have permanently shifted to online shopping. As for now, 27.2% of worldwide customers prefer online shopping and they have spent around $4.29 trillion ever since this horrendous pandemic gripped us. According to research, 95% of the purchases will be online by the end of 2040, which is reflecting an evident increase in the use of the online platform.

For the same reason, the competition will become fiercer, especially among the eCommerce brands and businesses. With this paradigm, eCommerce business owners need to create cost-effective and creative ways of attracting people to buy their products. One such way is creating the brand packaging that wows the customers. So, in this article, we are sharing some ways to add the WOW factor to your brand packaging!

Evaluating The Packaging Needs

Every eCommerce business is selling a plethora of products and it’s important to understand the needs of your packaging to create the right packaging. For this purpose, you must yourself the following questions;

  • Are you selling perishable products, such as food?
  • Are you going to ship anything sensitive or fragile?
  • Are you sending the products to foreign lands or something that needs to be shipped overseas?

It is important for you to take the time to answer these questions. This is because proper answering will ensure that the customized packaging looks its best and delivers the best results. In addition, it will ensure that your packaging is able to protect the products during shipping and the customers are fully satisfied with the services.

Choosing The Packaging You Will Use

The most effective part of custom boxes for products is that brands have the power of choosing the packaging type and material that will be used for every product. When choosing the custom packaging, there are several factors that need to be considered in addition to the products you are selling through your eCommerce store. These factors include the following;

  • First of all, you must consider the target audience because you want to ensure that the packaging you select resonates with the customers’ needs and wants
  • The second consideration is brand messaging. This is because the custom boxes will reflect the brand identity, including the business principles and values. In simpler words, if you are promoting eco-friendly products and shipping them in plastic boxes, it’s nothing but contradictory. So, consider what message you want to put across
  • The third point is to ensure that your brand style and colors are reflected through the inserts and packaging
  • The fourth consideration is the budget because you must consider how much you want to spend on the packaging. This is because the metal and alloy containers and boxes are great for functionality and aesthetics but you must remember that they are expensive, so if you want to choose and use them, you will need to increase the budget

Designing The Graphics & Artwork

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that designing the artwork is the most interactive part of adding a WOW factor to the packaging. Similarly, it can be overwhelming for some eCommerce business owners because it makes or breaks the success. For the same reason, some brand owners want to create customized artwork, either from scratch or by utilizing the designing tools. Still, getting the products with perfect artwork requires patience and you will need to focus on the smallest details.

On the other hand, you can also hire a packaging designer to create the artwork for your packaging, and the best part is their experience and ability to resonate with the products. To begin with, he/she will be able to create the designs quickly, depending on your products, vision, and brand identity. Even more, they might even offer the design mockup for visualizing the final outcome, so you can make a wise and informed decision. It’s safe to say that mockups will help you get the feel and look from different angles.

Adding The Intricate Details

If there is one thing that will enhance the custom packaging as well as the customer experience, you need to remember that it’s the small details that matter and revitalize the entire unboxing experience. For instance, adding a “thank you” note in the packaging will reassure the customers that they are choosing the right brand and making the right decision for their money. In addition to this, several add-ons will motivate the customers to share the overall shopping and unboxing experience through social media. For this purpose, you must consider the following factors to ensure custom packaging comes out as expected;

  • Product Range – you need to opt for the one-stop-shop packaging designers to ensure they are providing the packaging for every product in the product range. It’s a great way of getting custom boxes for different products without overdoing the costs
  • Expertise Level – it is a must to choose the packaging company that has ample experience in creating customized packaging because they can give input that will resonate with the audience without compromising on quality
  • Budget – not every business can afford to spend thousands of dollars on the packaging, so focus on the budget to ensure your customers don’t have to struggle
  • Delivery – you must ask how much time is needed to turn around the minimum number of custom boxes because you don’t want the orders to get late
  • Customer Service – it’s evident that no business is flawless, and there will be mistakes. For this reason, you must ask the packaging designer if they will be able to provide help
  • Reviews – lastly, check if they have positive reviews and what their previous clients have to say about them

Incorporating Packaging In The Marketing Strategy

If everything is done and dusted and you’ve got the packaging, we congratulate you. But hey, your job is still not done because you need to incorporate your packaging in the marketing strategy and show it off in front of the customers. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that packaging is an indirect marketing tool, so use it to the full extent!

Posted by Dragan Sutevski

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