6 Ways to Delight Your Customers and Win Their Loyalty

Delight Your Customers

Great customer service doesn’t just happen; it’s planned, designed, and masterfully delivered. While there are no one-size-fits-all approaches to customer experience and loyalty, there are several business strategies that will delight most consumer bases every single time.

How to Amaze and Impress Your Customers

Nothing is more impressive to customers than going the extra mile. By implementing the following strategies, you’ll have an easier time meeting the expectations of your consumers.

1. Offer Reliable Same-Day Delivery Services

97% of consumers consider same-day shipping “fast,” and most consumers are willing to pay extra for same or next-day shipping. Couriers like Dropoff offer same-day delivery services that give your customers what they want: trackable, reliable, and inexpensive expedited shipping.

By offering fast shipping options, you appeal to a wider audience of last-minute shoppers who are especially loyal to companies that make due on their promises. When your consumers know they can trust your follow-through, they’ll start to buy from your company more frequently.

2. Empower Your Customer Service Team

Your employees have an important part to play in customer loyalty and your business as a whole. If your employees are given the freedom to handle customer queries independently, they’ll feel more relaxed, confident, and ready to meet your buyers where they are.

That confidence and positivity rub off on your customers, who may already be in a bad mood when speaking to your agents. What results are happier is to have more loyal customers.

3. Provide Real, 24/7 Online Support

Live engagement tools and live chat offer the best customer experience money can buy. About 79% of customers prefer live chat because of the intimacy it offers over other channels. Plus, live chat is geared towards a fast response time, ranging from 7 seconds to 3 minutes.

Your customers also love to connect to video chat for a co-browsing experience. Co-browsing allows your agents to collaborate with customers and guide them to complete complex sign-up forms of applications. WIth a human agent, your business can personalize every conversation.

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4. Set Up Omni-Channel Customer Service

Customers expect a consistent experience across all of your channels, so if they get confused or frustrated navigating your website or social media pages, they’ll opt-out. Your customers should know how to get from point A to B in a similar way, regardless of what platform they use.

However, that isn’t always possible with a big audience, so focus primarily on one medium or platform. Most modern brands will speak to their customers on one app and link to said app on other platforms. This ensures you don’t spread your agents too thin across channels.

5. Create an Online Customer Community

Everyone loves to be a part of a group, and branded eCommerce communities can create positive feelings towards your brand image. As a rule, customers trust other customers more than they do brands, so giving them a space to interact can improve their satisfaction.

Your community can be something as small as a forum or as big as a rewards program. Either way, sponsored communities can help you guide buying decisions or answer questions.

6. Listen to Customer Feedback (Positive or Negative)

Customer feedback is essential for growing your business, even if it’s negative. You need to know what’s working well and what needs improvement, but you need to ask for feedback at the right time, for example, after closing a live chat conversation or a successful checkout. When analyzing feedback, it’s important to separate them into categories. This way, you can determine what comments need your immediate attention. Once you’ve amalgamated all the results, you can make a plan of action that works to improve or address the issues raised.