Build a Membership Site For Your Business

Is your business on the Internet? Do you market your business on the Internet? Do you have customers service? Do your business help to your customers after the sales? Can you create an additional revenue stream with membership site?

Probably, each of these questions will be answered as yes.

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Today, I would like to talk a little bit about membership site and their incorporation in your business model.

In today’s environment, it is important for you as an entrepreneur to use as much as possible channels to communicate with your customers, but at the same time to make them feel special.

On the other side, one of the best businesses models today is business models with a recurring revenue stream that means each month customer to pay a subscription fee.

Let’s talk about ideas or benefits having your own site with members.

How Your Business Can Benefit From Membership Sites?

There are many benefits, but I like to mention some of them, especially as ideas that you as an entrepreneur can use to support, or in some case to build your business.

  • As a first idea or benefit is if you have something worth saying and build that in the form of a site with members, you can sell the subscription to your site and add the additional recurring revenue stream for your business.
  • You can use special membership site only for your best customers as members. There you will provide additional value for them in the form of useful information about your products and service, discounts, how to videos… Your goal will be to encourage a desire for your customers to become a part of your site that can be called as “Club of the Best”.
  • You can use special membership site as a part of your customer’s service. All customers can become members of that site where they will have access to the instructions, manuals, video materials and different type of material to help them to use your products or services.
  • You can build and use free membership site for your potential customers as a part of your lead acquisition process. The goal is to have more subscribers giving them valuable free material in your site and try to explain and educate about your products and services. In such a way, you want to build credibility and trust into your potential customers, so they can easily decide to buy from you.

As you can see there are many ideas and benefits to having your own membership site.

How Can You Build Your Own Membership Site?

What do you need to build your business’s membership site? It’s simpler than ever before.

First, you need to know what will be your membership site? What content will be published there? How much membership levels you will have? Do you want to charge subscription fees and for what level?

Second, you need the technology where everything can be easily managed. One of the best solutions, and at the same time the simplest solution is to use Word Press site with WishList Member plugin that will perfectly fit into each business model or design of your site.

With WishList Member, you can easily:

  • integrate with your Word Press site,
  • create unlimited membership levels,
  • sequential deliver your content,
  • control who can view what,
  • integrate with the most popular shopping cart…

More important is that now WishList Member runs Christmas promotion where anyone who buys WishList Member before the end of the year, will get a:

  • 1000+ Custom Drawn Icons
  • Custom Membership Site Graphics
  • Additional Premium Plugins
  • 3-Module Membership Site Basics Course

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