Effective Ways to Use Feng Shui In Your Home

If you want to make some changes in your house as well as in your life, ancient feng shui may be a good idea. This unusual art involves placing objects in your living space to achieve harmony with the environment. The objective is to utilise the forces of nature and bring peace and balance between you and your surroundings.

We understand it may appear strange, but hey, why not give it a try and use some life energy? Here are large item courier experts Shift’s Guide to Good Feng Shui (or how to feng shui in your home).

The three most important principles

The three principles to understand if you’re going to practice feng shui are the commanding position, the Bagua, and the five elements.

The commanding position

The position farthest from the door is known as the commanding post. It should put you diagonally in front of the door and provide a clear line of sight to it. The place where you spend most of your time in the room is also typically this location. If you can, make your bed, desk, or stove perpendicular to each other if you use one of these three corners as a dominant position. The kitchen, living room, and bedroom are three crucial rooms in your home. They symbolise significant aspects of your life: the bed, you; the desk, an extension of your career; and the stove, wealth, and nutrition. Deep!

The Bagua(s)

The Bagua map is a home energy map that has been translated from its original form. The Baguas are spread throughout many aspects of life. Family, money, health, helpful individuals, travel, children, knowledge, fame, and success are all examples of the Baguas in the Chinese language.

After that, there’s the Bagua in the middle of the energy map, which represents your overall health. Baguas come in a variety of colours, forms, and seasons, but let’s not get sidetracked. Choose three of the most stressed regions to work with the baguas. Then, using feng shui suggestions, strengthen your energy or improve your circulation in them.

The Elements

The components are interconnected aspects of existence that function as a whole system. They are earth, wind, metal, water, wood, and fire (sounds like a terrible disco band!). Each element is associated with hues, forms, seasons, numbers, and more in the Bagua.

Some ideas for feng shui in your house

If you want to make changes in your life, home, or both, feng shui is a good place to start. Despite the system’s complexity, the suggestions themselves are frequently simple to implement.

In reality, there are several other fundamental feng shui techniques. Cleaning your windows, expressing gratitude to your home, adding a headboard to your bed (if you don’t already have one), and brightening up the entryway are all examples of this. If you have the cash (and the perseverance), you might also want to replace your front door.

So, why not give feng shui a go and see what happens?

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