How to Use Instagram Reels for the Best Marketing Strategy Results

How to Use Instagram Reels for the Best Marketing Strategy Results

Reels on Instagram are fifteen to ninety-second short videos designed to engage followers. You are able to record, edit, and publish a video to gain views from the entire community. The premise is simple, just like TikTok, but particular strategies can help you to become a success.

So here, we look at the top strategies to use IG reels.

Choose Ways that Promote Instagram Reels

Promote your IG reels to maximize potential reach. There are numerous ways to market them. A variety of options maximize audience penetration. These options include:

  • Advertising this type of content through the general feed.
  • Use related and quirky hashtags that promote your videos and are eye-catching.
  • Buy views for any Reel on Instagram.
  • Cross-promote videos on other networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Emailing subscribers when you publish a new video.

Keep it Real

One of the biggest brand mistakes from recording videos and releasing them as reels on IG is that brands don’t keep them realistic. They often create content that is too forced and too promotional.

Part of an Insta reel is about connecting with the audience. Yes, you can plan your reels, but they shouldn’t be stifled or too scripted. It removes trust factors from your brand’s profile and can ruin your success.

Be Clever with Timings

The first thing to think about is that you only have a maximum of 90 seconds to get a message across. This is up to 240 words, so an Instagram reel video script should be succinct. Do your best to make it short and sweet.

To capture your follower’s attention, you have about 8 seconds. If you do not succeed in it, you will lose the viewer, and it will reflect on the stats that people are not interested in your publication. However, automating your promotion can help win views, i.e., use RSS feeds.

Plan your Reels

Before you even start recording your Insta reel, plan exactly what you want to say, display, and everything else. You can storyboard your videos very quickly and practice before you start to record. It is okay to create a few draft versions first. The most significant is the final result, what your followers will see.

Create a Call-to-Action

When ending the video, get your audience to do something else to gain more Instagram reel views. This action should be something that favors you but also provides value for your audience. So try getting your viewers to follow your account, visit a website, share the IG reel, or view more. Create this call-to-action before you start to shoot.

Have Fun

Brands make Instagram success by using their experience and knowledge and turning it into fun videos. Smiling and laughing in videos can be very contagious. You should try to do it as much as you can. It will make your page more approachable and will help your IG reel gain even more views.

Create Familiar Elements

Brands create predictable elements within their reels. This can be when they publish, what style/kind of IG videos they publish, or how they end them. You will need to brand the Insta reels you create and choose consistent elements, such as logo placement. You can make small changes as you go along, but be sure that the changes make sense and bring your reels more views.

Create a Mixture of Content

There are numerous types of videos that you can produce for any branded publication. Some of these are highly sought after by audiences and help you gain many IG reel views. So here are some ideas that you might want to consider for your next video:

  • An office or department tour within your building.
  • A reveal reel for a new product/service to create excitement.
  • Customer reviews from those who are happy with your service.
  • Introducing a new member of staff or brand collaboration.
  • A daily tip to help viewers solve a problem they might face regularly.
  • Run a competition or giveaway to entice other companies to promote Instagram reels.

Add Video Effects

Adding effects helps your videos stand out and ensures it doesn’t look boring. Special effects can be included via your phone with the stock of effects on the mobile app. Therefore, you don’t need to purchase expensive software to make excellent visual content on Insta. Thus, it will definitely help you get more Reels views.

Different Presenters

If you have a team, be sure that you regularly mix up who is presenting the reels. By using different voices and faces, you expand the trust that audiences have in your page. They will also choose their favorite presenters in many cases. Yet hopefully will also watch other IG reels giving them views while searching for their favorite presenter.

Involve your Audience

Involving your Insta followers and customers can be one of the best ways to create exciting reels for your brand. You can do this in several ways. Options you might want to consider include:

  • Interviewing customers who are passionate about using a brand or featuring them by sharing reviews.
  • Have them pose questions for your team to answer; these can be serious or fun.
  • Get them to try out new products/services.
  • Have a competition, giveaway, or raffle where they are part of the Instagram reels. That will increase the number of IG reels views you receive.

Publish Regularly

You should regularly publish content on social media. For Insta, publish between four and seven every week. Include this in your publishing schedule, which should be no more than three posts per day. You should not publish on a Sunday as it is a low-volume day, and you will gain fewer views for Reels than usual.

Collaborate with Other Instagram Reel Users

To reach wider audiences, produce new and exciting videos in collaboration with other brands. In this strategy, you both create new, interesting Insta reels with the other brand making a guest appearance. You publish your content, and they repost them. This allows you to reach new audiences who have trusted another brand and get more IG Reel views.

Get the Right Time

Publishing your reels at the right time is really important. Sunday is the worst time for new videos to be published. Tuesday and Friday are far better days for the reels to be released, with early morning being the best time. Try not to post anything too late at night, unless it is on a Wednesday, which can gain a lot of Instagram reel views up to 11 pm.

Repurpose TikTok Content

If you already have TikTok videos, then you can reuse this for Insta. As both platforms are very similar, this is easy. You can reuse TikTok content by simply making some tiny changes that make it more aligned to your Instagram audience and will bring better marketing results.

You might want to check several elements before just publishing IG reels too. Ensure that you can use the same audio and images or whether you need to make small changes for legal reasons.

Don’t Go For a Hard Sale

Finally, consider the messages in the Insta reels you release and ensure you avoid a ‘hard sale’ as much as possible. Instagram reels are about engaging audiences in conversations you start. Don’t try to sell to your audience by trying to pressure them into a purchase.