5 Online Marketing Tips for Dentists

Online marketing for dental clinics and dentists can seem like such a difficult and competitive thing to do. There is a lot of local competition, but since we live in such a modern age – it can be quite challenging trying to decide what to do when thinking of doing some online marketing.

Thankfully, this article covers some of the greatest and most effective ways that you can do some online marketing for dentists. Let’s take a look:

Creating Videos

A majority of the time, people spend their time online watching videos on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, so there is no surprise to find out that creating videos as part of marketing is a great way to boost awareness. YouTube is the second most popular website in the world, just behind Google.

Creating videos can mean not only just releasing ads on YouTube, but also having a dedicated YouTube channel that showcases dental-related videos of your clinic can be very unique and helpful.

Listing on Directories

Although this may not see a colossal boost, listing your dental clinic on directories is great for helping your Search Engine Optimisation and bringing some awareness to your clinic on a local scale.

Big directory-like websites like Yelp, Yellow Pages, and so on are the go-to, but also try to search around for some more local sites that are suited to the area you are trying to target.

Back in the day prior to the internet, most businesses relied on getting themselves known by appearing in phone books and local notice boards.

Optimising Your Google My Business Page

Another helping hand to your Search Engine Optimisation, cleaning up and looking after your GMB page can be a miracle in your dental marketing journey. Make sure that you have the right hours listed, as well as phone numbers and email addresses. Don’t hesitate to get some good photos of your dental clinic, as Health Practice Digital, a dental marketing agency in Australia, agrees that this is a wonderful tactic.

Google My Business can also offer customers a lot of extra information about your services and allows the clinic to appear on Google Maps – increasing visibility even more.

Social Media

Since most of the entire planet seems to have a Facebook account, this can be one of the quickest and most effective ways to do some dental marketing. Facebook in particular is great at detecting what users are interested in based on their app usage. This means that you can target people at a more effective rate.

Other apps like Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Snapchat, and even TikTok have also proven themselves as being highly effective. Gen Z users have started to dart away from Facebook, and have clung to TikTok, which has seen record-breaking numbers of users.


Despite what some may think, “cold emailing” is still an effective way to do marketing no matter what it is for. Cold emailing is similar to cold calling, albeit less annoying. Instead of sending out spam emails to random people, try to reach out in an intelligent way, and target the right people.

Time and time again, email has proven itself as being a communication tool that will not die and is still very much alive to this day.

Did you know that some musicians and artists still use this technique to find people to feature in a song? It seems to work too, as a lot of producers will reach out to fellow musicians via email asking if they are interested in being featured in a track!


By creating videos, listing on directories, optimising your Google My Business page, social media ads, and emailing – you can expect to see an increase in the effectiveness of your dental marketing efforts.

Dragan Sutevski

Posted by Dragan Sutevski

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