8 Marketing Essentials We Can Learn From Facebook

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Everyone is addicted to it. Everyone could not stop using it. Indeed, Facebook has become a part of our fast-paced lives.

It is not limited to the younger generation. In fact, no matter if you are young or old, it is easy for somebody to have his or her own Facebook account.

It is very successful mainly because it can connect you to any person you know even if they live halfway across the world.

To entrepreneurs, the fact that his or her potential market is as easy as using Facebook is not such a bad idea. After reading this article, Facebook might just give your business the boost it needs. Follow these 8 tips:

Personalize It

Facebook is a social networking site, which means every person handles his or her own account. You can post images, videos, or simply your thoughts. This site is very personal, and your account would just revolve around you. In the real world, you need to build good relationship with your potential market first. Do not jump into the business talk, or else you scare them off.

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Identify Your Market

Have you heard of the Facebook Fan Page? Yes, this feature is used by businessmen to be able to share what the business is all about, and to know who their target market is. You, as an entrepreneur, should also classify your market. Everyone might be potential clients, but narrow down first to people who might just be interested quickly.


Observe why Facebook never grows old to its users easily. It always offers something new. It surprises them with its features, and every now and then it changes its look. You should do it too in your own business. Think of new products or services to add or modify. Upgrade how you do things, which will make your market return to you for your service. Go with the flow.

Constant Communication

People could not get enough of using Facebook because they do not want to stop having communication with their friends or loved ones, especially the ones far from them. In Facebook it is easy for them to chat, comment, post thoughts in each other’s walls even on a daily basis. Having constant communication, in this case, with your market, strengthens the bond that you already have. Keep updated with what’s happening to them. Remember things about them, or what they said the last time you talked. You don’t want to insult your client when you two are talking and you can’t recall even their name.

Give Rewards

When using Facebook, each time you “like” somebody’s post, it is as if you are recognizing what he or she had to say. You can also “like” an uploaded photo as a sign of appreciation. It also works in the business. Once in a while, you must reward your clients for being loyal with your service. Some companies give out presents during the holidays, or discount coupons for the client’s next visit. Proper appreciation encourages repetition of an act.

Keep An Updated Client Profile

In Facebook, a person gets notified with just about anything that is happening with his or her “friends”, whether they post a new photo, or if it is their birthday today. It aids the user to be reminded of who to greet, just in case they are not sure about the birthday of their friend, or anniversary with their loved ones. In the business, an entrepreneur must be alert with these kinds of information. Be reminded of special occasions that may connect you with your clients. Allow them to feel that you only not care about the sale you get from them, but also their well-being.

Be Friend With Your Clients

You are not limited on who to befriend when you are logged in in Facebook. You can have as much as 5000 friends all over the world. Learn to do that in real life too. Making friends is a great foundation for the business. In any case that you open up another business, it is easy for you to get connections for potential clients.

Be Flexible

In as much as Facebook is addicting itself, it is still affiliated with other media channels. Be open to other options, other possibilities. You never know who you might find if you try going through a path less taken. Adapt, be flexible, but be prepared as well. You are in the business, so taking risks is always an option.

True enough, Facebook is considered as one of the greatest innovations in technology today. It helps all types of persons, including businessmen, to promote themselves and to source out the potential market. But keep in mind, Facebook might not be there until the end of time, so do not stop being creative and work your mind to finding more ways to amp up your business.