7 Reasons Your Business Needs Surveillance Cameras

Business owners have a lot on their hands, which means they cannot be everywhere at all times to monitor and supervise everything. One of the greatest threats to a business’s assets and operations is a breach of its internal and external security. That is why installing security systems such as surveillance cameras is vital.

These devices help to protect against theft, fraud, accidents, and other security issues. When you choose such a business security system from a professional security company, you’ll receive services ranging from installation to remote monitoring. You can choose to install the cameras yourself, or you can use commercial security services in the Bay Area.

7 Reasons Your Business Needs Surveillance Cameras

Here are seven reasons why your business needs surveillance cameras:

1. It’s an Effective Burglar Deterrent System

Adding surveillance cameras to your company’s building would effectively deter theft because you have a 24/7 real-time feed and recording of your premises. Security cameras are generally placed in open areas where they are easily visible. Most burglars admit that if their targeted location has security cameras installed, they prefer to look for another target.

In addition, the cameras can record anyone trespassing on your property, and you can also use the footage to identify and find the culprits. Even if the surveillance cameras do not help you find the culprits, the presence of the cameras can be enough of a deterrent.

2. Resolve Internal Business Disputes

Security cameras can also be installed on the inside of a building. This allows business owners to monitor their employees at various locations.

Suppose an employee is involved in a dispute. In that case, the surveillance footage can be viewed to determine the root cause of the problem, establish fault, mediate the situation, and resolve the issue.

3. Reduce Employee Theft

A business must prevent employee theft by safeguarding its assets and preventing financial loss. When employees know their workplace is equipped with security cameras, they are less likely to commit theft or engage in any illegal activity at the workplace. If such an incident does occur, you can locate the culprit by assessing the recorded footage of the security cameras.

4. Help Employees Be More Productive at Work

Another benefit of installing surveillance cameras in your office is that it helps increase productivity in the workplace. For instance, if an employee is taking excessive breaks from work or is engaging in other non-productive activities at their desk, you can use surveillance cameras to identify them and address the issue. In addition, when your employees know their performance is being monitored, they are likely to be more productive at work.

Surveillance Cameras

5. Prevent Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is not acceptable anywhere. Many organizations conduct training sessions to prevent harassment and ensure their employees are safe. However, sometimes that might not be enough to discourage acts of sexual harassment, which is why it is crucial to install security cameras. Having audio and video of different areas in the building would help you identify the perpetrator and limit any wrongful accusations or inappropriate behavior.

6. Protection from Employee Claims

Facing dishonest and false claims from employees can be disruptive to a business. For instance, an employee could wrongfully accuse and sue you for an injury, harassment, accident, or any other legal issue. One way to prevent and combat this fraudulent claim is to have visual evidence of what happened.

When you inform your employees about installing a surveillance system in the office, they are less likely to sue you for false claims, such as fake injuries at work.

In addition, you can fend off any fraudulent workers’ compensation claims an employee tries to file against you. However, an employee must adhere to the state laws regarding installing security cameras in the office building. For example, secretly installing surveillance cameras at work might not be allowed.

7. Provide Criminal Evidence

If a crime occurred within your business premises, the authorities could use evidence of the crime, such as audio and video surveillance footage, to investigate the case.

For instance, if law enforcement officers suspect someone of being responsible for committing the crime, they would seek surveillance footage to verify whether that individual matches the description of the suspect. Surveillance cameras in your company’s building would help prosecute shoplifters or employees who commit fraud. You can also use the footage for your company’s defense in slip and fall or fraud cases.

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