How Enterprise IoT Solutions Support Business Digital Transformation

How Enterprise IoT Solutions Support Business Digital Transformation

Thanks to the implementation of software solutions, the quality and quantity of products as well as the general performance of businesses, can be significantly improved. That’s why it is quite clear why so many enterprises today are interested in developing and launching various kinds of software solutions for their needs. Digital transformation requires serious investments from the side of businesses. However, given all the benefits that companies can further enjoy, it is obvious that it’s worth it.

Among the advantages and new possibilities that enterprises notice after the implementation of software solutions into their business processes, they usually name improved operational efficiency, higher customer satisfaction, increased product quality, reduced operational costs, the introduction of new revenue streams, better security, etc.

One of the key technologies that are widely applied for building enterprise solutions today is IoT.  In this article, we’d like to focus on the key benefits that IoT applications can bring to enterprises that wisely adopt this technology.

Role of the Internet of Things in the business world

Though the role and impact of IoT can be very industry-specific, we’d like to speak about the capacities of these technologies in general and highlight their most crucial strengths.

Enhanced automation

Thanks to the possibility of uniting into one network a lot of real-world objects and devices, IoT allows companies to automate a lot of processes and reduce the expenses on human resources. At the same time, thanks to the fact that a lot of monotonous and repetitive tasks can be fulfilled automatically, people have more time to focus on more creative and challenging tasks that software solutions and gadgets can’t perform at the moment.

Improved client experience

For businesses, it is vital to know that their clients are satisfied. With IoT solutions, it has become easier to satisfy their needs by providing more meaningful and personalized experiences that will be based on people’s expectations and preferences. With IoT apps and devices, companies get access to valuable real-time data related to customers buying patterns and behavior. These IoT capacities are especially important for retail businesses and supermarkets. When they know what clients are interested in or what products they usually buy, they can send personalized offers and provide special deals based on the analyzed shopping data.

These insights can also be used by manufacturing companies that are interested in improving their products and increasing sales.

Lower operational costs

This point is rather closely tied to automation as the fewer people are engaged in some processes, the lower your expenses on their salaries will be. It is an absolutely clear principle. But that’s not the only way for companies to save their expenses, thanks to IoT. The internet of things solution can also allow enterprises to optimize their use of different resources, including water, electricity, power, etc. Thanks to the improved utility consumption, the enterprise can better manage its budget and save money for further investments and business digitalization.

Higher employee productivity

Thanks to IoT solutions, employees can save a lot of time by relying on software solutions. Moreover, in these cases, it is possible to avoid the risk of human mistakes and increase the accuracy of data analysis and processes. At the same time, IoT solutions allow people to solve a lot of questions remotely, which means that employees can perform a lot of tasks regardless of their current location.

Better business performance

Thanks to a powerful IoT solution, a company can greatly transform the way it does business and how they work with its business data. Automation, as well as accurate real-time data gathered by modern smart sensors, can seriously improve the decision-making process and help to optimize a lot of processes. Very often, such IoT apps that work with huge volumes of data are also enriched by AI and ML-powered tools for higher efficiency of data processing.

IoT implementation challenges

However, if you are interested in powering your business with IoT-based solutions, you should also be aware of challenges that are quite often related to the launch of such systems.

  1. Incompatibility with other systems. Unfortunately, sometimes it happens that companies do not check the possibility of their new solutions working with the rest of the systems that they are already using. As a result, it can lead to serious errors and system downtime.
  2. Security issues. Security is one of the most important aspects that developers have to think about. That’s why if you are discussing any potential cooperation with developers who will build an IoT app for the needs of your business, we recommend you discuss the security tools that they can offer you to avoid data loss and any possible attacks.

Closing word

IoT is a very promising technology for enterprise digital transformation. Already today, there are a lot of solutions powered by this technology, and we have solid ground to make the conclusion that in the future, we will see even more IoT business applications.