Are Blogs an Important Part of B2B Marketing?

Are Blogs an Important Part of B2B Marketing

When we think of marketing, we usually imagine product ads targeted at customers, such as an advert for a new car or a mobile phone. While B2B marketing is undoubtedly the most predominant, that’s not to say B2B marketing doesn’t have its place in the digital media landscape.

When it comes to B2B marketing, the strategies remain largely the same. Content is king in today’s world, and while video and images are incredibly important, you should never forget about blog posts. Let’s take a look at why blogs are such an important part of B2B marketing.

Increase Website Traffic

All businesses today need a website. However, just setting up a website isn’t enough; you need to be constantly looking for ways in which to drive people toward it. Not just any people. You need people relevant to your core client base.

Blogs are a fantastic way to increase traffic to your website. You can use them to hit specific keywords, meaning they will be displayed in search engine results when users search for a particular topic or query.

However, keywords and industry trends change all the time. This means you need to be constantly producing and posting new blogs. To help manage this, there are social media publishing tools available. Click here to find out more.

Establish Your Business as an Authority Figure

As a business, establishing yourself as a trusted authority figure within your industry is incredibly valuable. For B2B businesses, this is even more important. It will set you apart from the competition in a field already stacked with experts.

Blogs can be an effective way of lending your business an air of authority. By covering the latest emerging trends and running through complex technical subjects, you will be demonstrating your knowledge and experience in a way that will directly affect how your business is perceived.

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Educate and Convert

Blogs can be used to deliver information about your products and services. If you sell particularly complex products, blogs can be a way to run down what they’re used for and how they work.

Blogs can serve as both educational and promotional material. You’ll be running through how best to use your products while at the same time detailing why they are superior to your rivals’ products.

Every time you release a new product, prepare a blog to go with it. This should see a boost in sales and conversions.

Recyclable Content

Brands today are judged on the content they deliver. This applies to both B2B and B2C companies. Posting the right kind of content is absolutely crucial.

One of the biggest advantages of blogs is that they can be repurposed into new content. Quotes can be made into bite-size images for social media, and broader concepts can be recycled and made into eye-catching infographics.

Blogs give you a resource that you can draw upon when creating new content further down the line.


Blogs are an incredibly important part of B2B marketing. They can help drive traffic toward your website, establish your business as an authority, boost sales, and give you more content options for the future.