How to Increase Your Own and Your Team’s Creativity in 30 Minutes

How to Increase Your Own and Your Team's Creativity in 30 Minutes

Creativity is part of any entrepreneurial process.

We need creativity when we want to solve problems. We need it when we want to improve something. We need creativity when we want to grow our businesses.

Are these activities something outside of an entrepreneur and his business? No, they are always here.

When we know that we always solve problems, improve something, think about business growth, or survive, we also know that creativity must always be a part of all business processes.

However, the problem is that although these activities constantly exist in the business, it does not guarantee that creativity will be with them. Sometimes we are creative when we are not in the office or don’t think about work activities. Oftentimes, our brain is in a kind of “blocked stage” and without ideas.

We need to be creative if we want to succeed! How can we solve this problem?

Below is a possible process that you could apply to.

#1 Call your team into your office for creativity meeting (2 minutes)

Sometimes simply individualism that is within you can’t help you. You must be aware that you have a team of people who can always help you. It is their job.

When it comes to creativity, you must use the full potential stored in your business. So, call the most important people in your business. Talk with them and explain the problem.

For this task, you will need only two minutes.

#2 Give them a piece of paper and ask the question (2 minutes)

Each invited person needs to receive a piece of paper where everyone will write a proposal for the solution. You explain the problem. They propose solutions.

Ask them to give possible solutions. In such a way, you will collect different ideas that will help you increase your creativity.

This task will take only two minutes.

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#3 Give them 5 minutes to propose solutions (5 minutes)

Give them 5 minutes to write a possible solution to the given problem.

This is not about detailing the decision, just briefs of possible ideas for solving the problem or simply defining the causes of problems and possibilities for eliminating those causes.

#4 Now, let’s everyone exchanges their creativity paper with the rest attendees (15 minutes)

Now, each team member exchanges their piece of paper with other colleagues, and everyone will need to add value to the basic answer of the previous team member.

In such a way, the number of ideas you will get is increasing.

#5 Collect all answers (1 minute)

Once they complete rotating the papers with proposals, you will need to collect them all.

#6 Analyze and decide for the most creative solution (5 minutes)

Now you have enough creative solutions for the problem, and maybe improvement proposals out of the basic problem.

For the next 5 minutes, you need to analyze all the proposals and decide which solution will be the best for the implementation.