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Day 1: Increase Creativity – Improve Your Business in 77 Days

business improvements calendar

This is the first day of the challenge to improve your business in 77 days where your task is to increase the creativity and improve the overall creativity process in your business.

Increasing creativity for yourself, your working environment and the team of your small business is important part in improving your overall business.

As everything around you, creativity also can be improved. If you improve your creativity and creativity of your employees, it will mean that your company will create more value for your customers, but also will ship that more value to them.

So, what is the creativity?

In the simplest form, you are creative if you make something from nothing. Creative people see possibilities to create something from nothing.

The artists are creative because they put the paints on the blank paper. Entrepreneurs are creative because they create something from nothing. That something is the business that bring value for the customers.

All of this means that:

  • You need to gain creativity in your company.
  • You need to find the ways to increase that creativity.
  • The final assessor of the success in your efforts to gain and increase creativity in your business will be your customers, or your market.

Let’s look at some tips that can help you to gain and increase creativity process in your company:

  • If you don’t try you will don’t know. You need to try something new if you want to be creative. You can’t just wait for the right moment. Sometimes the right moment will never come.
  • Bad ideas today can be good ideas tomorrow. Don’t afraid that you or your employees will have bad ideas. This is the biggest constraint of inventiveness in your business.
  • Be prepared, ideas can come from everywhere. Yes, the creative ideas can come everywhere, but they can be forgotten very soon if you don’t record them. Always be prepared to store the ideas for the future analysis. You can use notebooks or recording devices. At least today it is so easy. Furthermore, encourage your employees to do the same.
  • Make your business to be very creative working place. I don’t think about the furniture or wall color. I think about the processes, procedures and standards that are used in your company. They are one of the biggest enemies of innovation. You don’t need to eliminate them. They are also something that can increase productivity. Simply, you need to change them to bring more freedom in the working process, to make it possible idea sharing within your business and to make it possible for all the people easily to switch the gears from one type of working activities to another. That will increase innovation in your company.
  • Use mind maps. Mind maps are one of the most creative weapons of creative people.
  • Try to encourage change to routines. Everyday routine is killing the inventiveness in your business. Try to find the ways how to make it possible quickly to change the routines in your life and your business.
  • Use networking to increase creativity in your business. Meet different people, exchange different opinions and talk about the different experience with them. Use social networks to connect and communicate with as much as possible different people. Encourage your employees for the same activity. This will increase the level of innovation in your company.
  • Reward inventiveness. Use different rewarding systems to encourage everyone in your business to be more creative.
  • Use brainstorming meetings to encourage innovation. You need to schedule some time each week to spend with your business team where you will talk about new ideas and possible implementation of them. Encourage everyone to share ideas.
  • Look at problems and different solutions. The problems that exist in your company can be the perfect source of inventiveness.

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