How Meeting Rooms Provide Businesses with a Competitive Edge

Meeting Rooms

In today´s highly competitive world, anything that gives a business an edge is worth doing. Using meeting rooms is a way of doing this that many business owners are not yet taking advantage of.

In this article, we look at why hiring one makes so much sense and share the most efficient way to book a meeting room.

Enhanced productivity

Let´s start with the biggest benefit – improvements in productivity, creativity, and commitment. Providing employees with access to a fresh, modern, and comfortable meeting room in which to carry out discussions, brainstorm, and make important decisions helps them to perform better.

Various academic studies have proved that a change of scene actually does improve performance. You can read one of them here.

Access to good amenities and support services

Modern meeting rooms are equipped with the latest technology. They are kitted out with everything a team needs to work efficiently. The right tech enables them to present information to each other effectively, record the meeting, and automatically produce minutes and an action plan annotated with details of who will carry out the necessary work.

Bring several teams together in a convenient place

Firms that have people working remotely or across several different sites benefit greatly from hiring meeting rooms. Doing so makes it easier to find a central location that is convenient for everyone. This means that less time and energy is wasted on traveling. Something that helps people to arrive fresh enough to pay attention and fully participate in the meeting or brainstorming event.

Plenty of space

Most on-site meeting rooms are tiny. Space costs money, so this is understandable. But nobody performs well when they are squeezed around a small coffee table with their laptop balanced on their knees. It is not a comfortable environment to work in, which hurts productivity. When you hire a meeting room, you get to choose one that is big enough for everyone to maintain some personal space.

To make a good impression on clients and prospects

Meeting rooms are also great places to meet clients. Because they are decorated to a high standard and are usually located in central locations you always make a good impression. You can book somewhere that is easy for your customer to get to and park.

Privacy and confidentiality

At times, business owners want to hold meetings without the rest of the workforce knowing. For example, if there is a potential merger in the works. Using a remote room keeps the fact that the meeting has taken place confidential.

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Finding and booking a meeting room now takes minutes

In the past, finding and booking a decent meeting room in a convenient place took a lot of work. You would have to go online, search, and make multiple phone calls only to find that the one you really wanted to use is fully booked. Today, you can go online and use an agency like VenueScanner. Their network has over 20,000 venues and meeting rooms, many of which do not have websites. It takes minutes to complete the search and get a list of available venues, choose one, click through, book, and pay. The process is no slower or more complicated than booking a room within the firm´s own office complex.

Using meeting rooms saves money

This brings us to our last point: using off-site meeting rooms often saves money. They no longer have to pay high rent for a large room within their office space that is only used intermittently.

If you are a business owner who has never used meeting rooms, we strongly recommend that you give them a try. You will be pleasantly surprised at how affordable it is and realize that usually, switching to using them will generate an excellent return on your investment.