20 Things You Can Do for Your Customers to Make Them Happy

20 Things You Can Do for Your Customers to Make Them Happy

Customers are the heart of every small business. We can talk about business plans, systems, processes, procedures, management… But, without customers, all those things are useless, because, at the end of the day, your job as an entrepreneur is to find, attract, acquire, and maintain customers for the business.

Acquiring new customers is not an easy job for you. It is also not a cheap thing to say that you will always easily replace current customers with new ones. So, maintaining your current customers is much easier and more cost-effective for your company.

Many small business owners put all their focus on acquiring new customers forgetting to maintain their existing customers.

Because of that, I want to share some of the basic ideas about what you can make for your current customers in the process of ensuring their high retention rate.

  1. Start solving their problems, it is your primary job.
  2. Also, work on satisfying your customers’ needs.
  3. Start talking with them and build strong relationships.
  4. Ask them about their health.
  5. Ask them about their family and show that you care about them.
  6. Always show your smile when you talk to them.
  7. Gratitude them because they are doing and communicate with your small business.
  8. Become a real friend with them.
  9. Help them even they didn’t ask from you any type of help.
  10. Deliver everything that you promise them.
  11. Sometimes deliver more than what you have promised to your customers.
  12. Make them be part of your future development of products and services.
  13. Make them the most important persons for you and your small business.
  14. Include them in the process of building your business.
  15. Also, include them in improvements efforts of your products and services.
  16. Include them in the improvement efforts of your business.
  17. Help them in using your products and services.
  18. Help them in taking the maximum of your products and services.
  19. Send them useful gifts, so they will remember you.
  20. Show that you don’t forget them even they didn’t buy for some time.

This list is not a final list of everything that you can do. There are many more things you can do. Only your imagination will limit you about the possibilities you have to do with your current customers. You can always do more and more for your customers. Feel free to use it as a basis, and with your own creativity make it to be much larger.

Finally, don’t forget to implement the list, it will be valuable only if you use it.