Assume Then Test Because Mistakes are Part of Your Life!

false mistakes

As entrepreneurs, we always use assumptions, guesses and different untested hypothesis when we look to make important decisions for our small businesses. We don’t need to have a fear of mistakes.

The same guesses and assumptions are here when we want to take some important action.

Because we live in a highly dynamical environment where changes occurred in seconds and we can’t always have all the data needed for our decision we need to take many of our actions based on guesses and assumptions.

But, it doesn’t mean that we need to continue to base our action steps on our basic assumptions. We already have tools that can be used to test our assumptions and according to the results from tests to change our initial direction that we already chose.

We allow mistakes

Mistakes are everywhere around us. There is not a successful entrepreneur that has not made a mistake in the past. In most of the cases, their success results from their experience from mistakes they have made. So, you will always have enough time to improve ourselves and our business even we make a mistake as a first. But, we can’t allow continuing until the end of our way without checking our initial assumptions.

Today, you can’t allow yourself enough time to become perfect or to ensure that there is a perfect environment for your next actions steps. You will never make a perfect environment nor perfect time for your actions. You need to take those actions if you want to win. Because if you don’t take action, somebody else will do something, and you don’t want to find yourself in such a situation.

take actions

Because of that, you need to remember that mistakes are allowed in your entrepreneurial career. But, also, you need to know that it is not allowed to make the same mistake again.

You Need to Test When You Do Something

If you take your actions and start moving toward achieving your goals, you can easily start learning new things. It doesn’t matter if you make a mistake. You will learn something new. In such a way, you will probably have many falls and getups. They will be always around you. It’s the never-ending process.

You start with your assumptions and continue with all required next action steps. Then, you follow the results, analyze them and design and implement different tests. All these will tell you what’s wrong and what’s excellent in your actions. You can easily use such feedback to improve your actions.