How You Can Become a More Focused Entrepreneur

more focused entrepreneur

You are an entrepreneur and you already know how many things you must do, how many actions you need to take and how many uncertainties around your business you need to manage. So, you need to be a more focused entrepreneur.

Becoming an entrepreneur is not an easy and simple process. Many times earlier I have written here on entrepreneurship in a box about that.

But, I can’t say that you cannot escape such a situation and frustrations. Yes, you can be able to ensure yourself enough freedom and focus on the most important things for your business. Things that will help you continue growing your business.

In the future, I will produce different types of posts here as a simple entrepreneurial exercise that will help you succeed in your efforts ensuring more freedom in the same time when your business will grow and increase profitability.

Let’s start with today’s exercise.

The first thing in this process is to become a more focused entrepreneur. A more focused entrepreneur doesn’t mean that you need to have your focus on more and more things and to be able to manage your own focus. This means that you will need to become an entrepreneur who will focus on fewer, but most important things that will ensure the success of your own business.

Step #1: Where you spend most of your focus?

Start with making a list of where you spend your focus today and every day. Think about everything that you are doing, or you have it on a list for doing.

This is an important part of the analysis where you are most focused.

Step #2: You need to stop doing some things if you want to become a more focused entrepreneur

What do you need to stop doing what you are doing today?

Answer this question while you are looking at the list that you make in the previous step.

Think about things that are not enjoyable for you. Think about things that are not adding value for your business, or your customers.

You really need to stop doing things that are not important for you and your business, and also that is not enjoyable when you are doing them.

Step #3: If you want to become a more focused entrepreneur, you need to increase your focus on…

If you are making this exercise in the right way, with the previous step you already marked over 80% of things you are currently doing as something that will need to be stopped.

So, if your list contained 100 things where you spend your focus, you will have now only 20 things that you will need to consider in this third step of the exercise.

you need to be a more focused entrepreneur

Look at those things and think about where you will need to increase your focus. Start analyzing the value that each of the activities adds to your business and your customers. It is a good starting point that will tell you where you need to spend more of your focus.

Step #4: What about things that you will need to stop doing?

Now, when you already know what you need to stop doing, and on what activities you will need to increase your entrepreneurial focus, you need to decide about things that you will stop doing. Only in such a way you can become a more focused entrepreneur, focusing on the most important things.

Simply, you have two different alternatives to do:

  • Delete some things you do earlier and forget it.
  • Delegate some of them to somebodies part of your business team.

Some stopped activities you can simply delete and forget forever, but some of them will need continuation in implementing in everyday activities of your business. Because of that now it is time to think about delegating those activities to your employees.

That’s it. You can now be more focused on your 20% most important activities for your business, activities that add value to your business.