Why You Not Achieve What You Need to Achieve

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Do you find yourself in a situation when you simply do not achieve what you have planned to achieve? The achievements are important for your small business.

If you have already been in such a situation, probably you have already asked the question as a why is this happening to me.

Here, I want to share the ten biggest reasons for this according to my own experience.

Your small business in large part is based on the achievements and achievements of your small business team. As an entrepreneur, you can’t allow yourself to work without achievements, because your business will suffer.

Here are the ten biggest reasons why you can’t achieve what you need to achieve.

1. You want to achieve too many achievements

If you have unreal goals and unreal expectations, you probably want to achieve too many things that are impossible. For example, if you want to achieve five things for today, and you have the potential framed by your time to achieve only three things, then you can’t expect to achieve everything that you want to achieve.

When you are setting up your everyday required achievement try to be real and set only the most important things that you really can achieve in the specific time frame.

2. The internet simply “hacks” your time.

Probably you already have experience when you start working on your computer, but you simply open your RSS reader in order to read something for today, then you click on different links on different sites that you are reading and so on.

The internet is the most powerful “hacker” of your time. I want to use this process as hacking your own time because everything that you have earlier planned to do for today will simply become out-of-date.

3. You are easily distracted by your social media fellows.

Same as the previous reason, when you start working on your computer you can easily go to Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ to see what your friends share, what they do, how they spend their time yesterday, and so on.

Social media sites are made in such a way to keep you as much as possible time spending on them. You can simply discover that your time was sucked, and your tasks will stay unfinished even they allow you important achievements and regardless of your best intentions were to work on them.

4. You regularly stop doing what you are doing to read that just received email.

In most cases, you receive an email when some other persons think is the most proper time to send you, and not you. When you work on your achievement in such a way, you can easily become a victim of email that will distract you from your current work because of your desire to see what was going on in just received email.

Close your email client and work on the tasks that will enable you to achieve what you want to achieve for today.

5. Your working environment allows people to come to you without some strong reasons about that.

If your working environment is designed in such a way where everyone can come to you without some strong reasons about that, you can’t expect that you will finish everything that you want to finish. You will need to implement different rules that will limit such types of distractions because at the end of the day you will need to achieve what you want to achieve.

6. You always jump from one to another task because they are urgent.

If your to-do list is full of different tasks from different projects and different contexts, you can simply start jumping from one task to another in order to increase your productivity. But, often this is counterproductive for you as an entrepreneur because your focus will be on a much lower level than it really needs to be.

Make your own prioritizing and don’t start another task before you finish your most priority tasks on the list.

7. You don’t want to delegate.

Another reason that can limit you in your achievements is if you don’t want to delegate some of your tasks to somebody that’s part of your small business team. You need to be aware that your potential is limited because of different outside and inside factors. If you want to increase your achievement you need to start delegating things that need to be done in your daily job routine.

8. You do not have a clear to-do list for today.

If you don’t know what you need to do today, you can’t expect that your productivity and focus will be on a higher possible level in order to achieve what you want to achieve. Try using really specific to-do lists that will enable you quickly to start with the biggest priorities and finish everything that you put on the list.

9. You have too many meetings.

Another reason for law achievements can be many meetings that are poorly organized. Meetings sometimes can be a really big enemy of your own productivity because such meetings can last for hours. If you are responsible for the organization of the meetings try to make them short and always use the agenda.

10. You don’t have scheduled time for work and other things in your life.

When you simply mix your working time with the time from your private life, it is really hard to achieve everything that you want to achieve. Because of that, divide your whole time for work and home, then use it appropriately to achieve your professional and personal goals.

Question: How do you succeed in achieving what you want to achieve?