How to Be Consistent Instead of Perfect


Perfectionism in many cases can become one of the larger opponents for your success as an entrepreneur because you will never reach it. What you really need to succeed is to be consistent despite various obstacles that you will meet on the road to success.

Seven years before, I started a new business that I thought at that time have a large potential for me as an entrepreneur. But, quickly my strong desire for success becomes one of the biggest struggles in my life, not only then, but also in the next several years. Why? Simply, because I wanted everything to be perfect, something impossible, but also invisible to me at that time.

I have started to develop my perfect business idea, to create my perfect business plan and simply postpone as much as possible the real start only because I have been hesitant that my idea and my business plan are not perfect as I want to be. After several months, still, I have worked to make them perfect and still postpone the real work on my business.

What I have learned from this experience? Even I have started the company after six months I have never reached the perfect state that I really wanted to reach. Even, when I come close to something that will be said perfect, still I was able to discover something imperfect postponing the real action that will bring success, or will show me something that is not right in that moment.

Later, when I have analyzed my steps and reasons for my struggling, I realized that what was really important for me then is to be more consistent about my ideas and real action steps about them without too much thinking and searching perfectionism in them. If I’ve been more consistent I would not allow losing 6 months in income. I would not allow to not learn something from my current and potential customers. I would not allow losing several years without increasing my own and business’s potential energy.

So, here I would like to share my thoughts to help you in order to escape perfectionism in your entrepreneurial life and become more consistent in doing things you really need to do.

1. Be Aware That Consistency is Essential For Your Success

It is important for all entrepreneurs being consistent as much as possible because consistency is important for your success, making real progress, and improving your work on an everyday level.

To be consistent means, that you will repeat what you are doing and with each repetition, you will be better and better. Perfection on the other side will postpone your ability to improve yourself and your company as overall.

To be consistent also means that you will continue stronger even you have failed in doing something. An entrepreneurial journey isn’t an easy road without problems, failures, or battles on all sides. It is an interesting road that will require from you to continue pushing yourself if you want to come close to the finish line that in reality doesn’t exist.

So, be aware that consistency is essential for your success, because if you are not a consistent entrepreneur not only that you will not reach the success, but you will not know what the success is for you.

2. To Be Consistent is Not the Same as To Be Perfect

Many times I have heard from entrepreneurs they are consistent in order to be perfect. And really these two states are really confusing sometimes. But, the real margin between these two states is doing things, because perfectionism is not something that will require action and doing things.

You need to be consistent not to reach the state of perfection, but to reach the state of progress to your goals.

For example, the state of perfect will ask for you thinking and thinking and thinking that will easily go to infinity without taking the first action step to check if this is right or not for you. On the other site, consistency is not something that will restrict you to take action, because only with the action you will make a progress, small or large.

So, you need to be consistent not in order to reach the state of perfection, but reach the state of small or large progress in order to reach your entrepreneurial goals and learn something from mistakes and failures. That’s the main point to be consistent.

3. Be Aware That Trying To Be Perfect Will Not Help You To Achieve Your Goals

As an entrepreneur, you probably have the clear goals that you want to achieve. But, achieving goals is possible only if you start doing something to make progress toward those goals.

Achieving goals will have several different roads for you and more important is that none of them will never be perfect.

Planning or setting up goals is totally different from achieving goals, and achieving your goals will require more consistency instead of perfectionism.

On the other side, you need to be aware that achieving goals will have several different roads for you as an entrepreneur and more important is that none of them will be perfect.

You will need to be aware that trying to be perfect will not help you to achieve your goals, but doing the right things consistently will bring us closer as possible to them.

4. Failure Is An Integral Part of Achieving Success

I don’t know anyone that from the first time become a successful entrepreneur. True is that behind successful entrepreneurs there are many failures.

Fear of failure is one of the 28 causes of resistance to change that in many cases can have the really large effect on your future action steps. One of the biggest reasons for my failure was caused by reasoning at that time to search for perfectionism only because I was afraid of failure. But, it doesn’t help me to escape the failure. When I think again of all my mistakes in that process it will be better for me to take many other steps that I have simply escaped because they aren’t perfect for me instead of trying to find perfectionism in order to cover my fear of failure.

Quick failures would bring me new knowledge that will simply reshape my next decisions and action steps. Probably in these totally new directions, I would be much closer to my goals instead of strangling year after year.

So, be aware that failure is an integral part in achieving the real success. It is the only right way for you as an entrepreneur. It is better to have quick fails that will show you the right path and give you all necessary conclusions without larger consequences on your entrepreneurial future.