Do You Really Need to Be a Perfect Entrepreneur?

perfect entrepreneur

I have thought about this for a very long time. Yes, you want to be a perfect entrepreneur. We want our businesses to be perfect and our products and services to be perfect. But, I had many failures in the projects for which I wanted to be perfect from the beginning.

But the question is can you become a perfect entrepreneur, and is it worth it for you? Is perfectionism something that is worth your efforts in order to achieve it? Or, are additional achievements of your perfectionism will cover additional costs that we make for it?

These are questions that you will need to start asking yourself before you start the search for ways to become a perfect entrepreneur in everything.

One of the most successful people that I have met has a totally different definition of the perfect than other average or struggling entrepreneurs. For example, the most successful entrepreneurs think that perfect for them is if they achieve more than 80% to be close to perfect. Yes, if a perfect “perfect” is 100%, then the perfect is everything that is more than 80% in achievements. In my analysis, a large part of them is around 95%.

Let’s see why you can’t be perfect.

1. Knowledge and Competencies

If you think that you will be a perfect entrepreneur if you have knowledge about everything that your company will require from you, you will never become perfect. Simply this is not possible. You will never have a chance to learn everything about what your company will require from you. Because as in all other sciences, there will always be something more for you that will need to be learned.

2. Always Have Solutions

If you think that you will be a perfect entrepreneur if you always have solutions for all the problems that will appear in your company, you simply can’t become perfect. The level of uncertainty will not allow you to have prepared solutions for future problems. The closest to the perfect is when you work on the solutions to the problems, ensuring they will not reappear.

3. Focus on Everyone

If you think that the perfect is when you satisfy all your customers, be prepared that you will never be perfect. Simply, it is not possible to satisfy all customers at once. They have different needs, different problems, different behavior, and different emotions. You can’t have perfect processes to satisfy all these differences.

4. Trying to Achieve Everything Before the Begining

If you think that your products and services need to have all possible features that all customers want before they come to their hands, be prepared that you will not bring your products on the market. You need to be aware and understand that your current customers or potential customers are also always in search of perfectionism. In most cases, they will never find that perfectionism. So, why you would you like to lose your efforts on something impossible?

As you can see, the perfect state is almost impossible for anyone. What you need as an entrepreneur is to put all your efforts into being as much as possible close to perfection, enough to

So, do you really need to bother yourself in search of 100% perfect?