3 Essential Tools to Help Streamline Business Communication

As most entrepreneurs know quite well, in order to succeed in the world of business you need much more than a terrific product or service combined with affordable prices and devoted staff. The part of this process is also your business integrated communication.

You also need to devise effective ways to keep in touch with your employees. Communicating effectively with your staff will not only help everyone work better and more efficiently, but it will also free up the much-needed time to get the tasks done.

With this in mind, the following three tools can help to streamline business communication:


While emails and meetings used to be the gold standard when it comes to communicating with your employees, many business owners are looking for less time-consuming ways to keep in touch. Asana is a project management tool that allows business people to drastically cut down on the number of emails they send and receive while still working as effectively and possible and keeping everyone in the loop.

For example, with Asana you can send tasks as opposed to emails, and all conversations with employees are kept within the work, which means you can spend less time shuffling through your inbox and more time getting your projects accomplished. Business owners can effortlessly create and assign tasks to their employees. In such a way that it’s easy to see who is working on what and when. In addition, Asana lets you stay in touch with your staff by keeping tabs on their work and goals. This helps to cut way back on endless meetings, reports, and emails.

You can improve your communication by connecting Asana with other software through an automation platform like Tray.


Another innovative tool that will allow you to streamline business communication with your employees is called Sprint.ly. The user-friendly and effective program will help you to manage projects that your company is working on. You can do this while easily touching base with the various employees who are a part of them. From prioritizing assignments to monitoring how everyone on the work team is coming along with their work and more, Sprint.ly helps business owners to manage and communicate with their team in an effective way.

Sprint.ly also allows you to keep tabs on everyone’s progress. For example, the Timelines visualization lets you see who might be overloaded with their work. Also, you can view who is moving along quickly with their projects. Sprint.ly also features a terrific daily digests feature. This allows you to send out an automated daily report of what everyone has been working on over the last day. In such a way, it helps you to keep your staff updated in a timely and effective fashion.

Mozy as a Business Communication Tool

If you and your employees are often away from the office—whether it’s a business trip to another state or simply working remotely, Mozy is a cloud storage service that allows business professionals to communicate while on the go. For example, you can give your employees mobile access to their work files, which will help them to be as productive as possible while they are away from the main office. As they work on their projects, your employees simply need to save their progress to the Mozy Sync folder, which will then sync across multiple devices.

As a bonus, all the files that are stored this way are accessible via iOS and Android devices. This means that it is easier than ever to stay in touch and keep up on work.

Dragan Sutevski

Posted by Dragan Sutevski

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