How to Close the Sale With Your Most Expensive Offer

close deal expensive offer

Whenever it comes to finishing the sales process each entrepreneur or sales team want to close the sale with the most expensive offer that is also most profitable offer in the same time. I want to share some tips that I have implemented these months to close the sales process with my most expensive offer.

The Most Important Elements in Your Sales Presentation

You need to think about your sales presentation. If you potential customer contacts you and wants additional information to decide about doing business with you, you will need to prepare yourself especially for how you will present them.

Understand that this is one of the most important things you will need to do that will directly impact on your customer’s decision.

So, I get the call from a prospect that finds me on the internet while reading some of my business blog posts. They ask me to schedule a meeting to talk about possible cooperation related to my consulting services. We agree on the phone for the meeting. So, after this, it was the right time for me to prepare myself for that meeting.

Before the meeting, I start with the construction of my presentation with three most important elements that have the biggest impact on the buying decision of the potential client. Here are those elements.

1. The Price Became the Last Thing in the Presentation Process

I want to sell value through quality services that will solve the problems of my potential clients. Because of that, I charge higher prices than my competitors, and I know that nobody would buy mine higher priced services over the lower priced services unless they knew all benefits and values that will get from me.

In my last case when the potential client comes to me to see my offers I start with my presentation. The presentation was structured in the following order:

  • Start with a short introduction to our services. What we make and what they will get from our services? Here I spend one to three minutes as some introduction about our services.
  • Our current and previous work. I show them my current projects with the one big company and also some of the previous projects to see what type of services they can get as one of my clients.
  • What is the current situation on the market? I show them how some of my competitors (without identity) make a mistake and because of that, the client comes to me to fix those mistakes.
  • Start with the presentation of my offers. At the e, d I present them the three possibilities of the offers with the benefits and features. In the end, I finish my presentation with the price of the individual offers. I usually start with the cheapest offer first and finished with the most expensive one.

2. Make a Mix of Products and Services in the Most Expensive Offers

I want to build my most expensive offer with the benefits and features that nobody will give to my customers. Because I’ve already had some products that are cheaper and valuable, I include that my products for free on that offer. I simply want to add as much as possible more value to my offer.

With this, I don’t lose anything because those products are in the form of a membership site as a coaching program for the small businesses. And I think that this was most important part and the most valuable part of my potential customer when they decide between my offers. And this is something that makes their decision to be my most expensive offer.

3. Several Types of Offers

I’ve have talked with my business partner about the several options that the potential client can choose from our overall offer. He has experience because of previous job in a specialized marketing company, and said that in his previous company they always make 3 different offers with three different prices from cheapest to the most expensive offer. Their experience with this kind of offers is that clients usually choose the middle offer that wasn’t most expensive and in the same time wasn’t the cheapest offer.

Our target, normally was to sell the most expensive offer. However, with this strategy we are trying to save the client with buying the middle offer if they cannot have possibilities to by the most expensive offer.

These are the three tips that I try it and succeed to make close the sales with the most expensive offer. They usually work and bring me the desired results. What is your experience? Do you use something different?