Some Questions You Need to Answer Related to Value Shipping

value shipping

For a long time, I’ve analyzed different states of businesses and entrepreneurs around me. About the situation, I cannot say that it is something in good shape. One important question that I ask myself is related to value shipping.

However, we must follow the rules of entrepreneurship to reach long-term term success or simply to survive. So, as one of the first elements of entrepreneurship, I think that is important for you is shipping. This is important because you are the value shippers.

You, as an entrepreneur are doing value shipping to everyone, the society, the state, the government, the market, the consumers, the suppliers, etc.

So maybe it would be good to ask yourself these questions every day, or maybe every week or minimum every month:

  • What can I ship as a value today, tomorrow, next month, next year?
  • Who will get the value that I am shipping?
  • How much is valued that shipped value?
  • What is the reaction from recipients?
  • Do they recognize the real value of my value shipping?
  • How can they recognize my shipping’s and their real value for them?
  • What I can get from my value shipping?
  • How can I increase the real value of my shippments?

When you answer these questions, consider the possibilities how to improve the shipment to all stakeholders, and of course how to improve your personal benefits, because I hope that your business exist because of you and your family and not because of the state or society. However, you are in the spotlight, you are an entrepreneur.

But, besides this, there is another element connected with your shipping. This is the availability of the shipments.

You may ship the greatest value for me, but if I don’t know what you ship, I cannot find your shipments. Because of that, you must have special attention on the availability of what you ship as a values.

Let’s suppose that you provide a high level values, regardless if you shipped it for free or in exchange for money. However, here is a need of the road that will bring your prospects into the distribution channel of value that you want to deliver.

Because of that, we need a magnet, a magnet which will attract prospects to the already constructed road that will lead to the request of your value shipments.

Magnet – Attention, Reputation and Trust

As a possible magnet for the availability of what we won’t to deliver is attention, reputation and trust. If we don’t achieve all three elements, the probability of visibility and availability of our shipments to everyone will be at a very lower level.

Value Shipping Platforms

There are different platforms for value shipping and availability of those shipments.  What type of platforms you will choose will depend on what you ship and of course to what market is your shipments. If your target market is on Facebook, start distributing values there, if they are on Twitter, be there. If they are everywhere, simply be everywhere.

To find the best platforms for your value shipping answer these questions:

  • Which shipment for which receiver is designed?
  • What platforms are used by potential recipients of my shipments?
  • Where are those who want to receive my shipments?
  • Are they in a coffee shop nearby? Or they are on Facebook?  Maybe they read newspapers. Maybe they are looking TV news three times a day on each TV station or only on one.
  • Is my delivery going there to where it is intended?
  • Is the person who should receive my value shipment already received it? Did he notice it?

These are questions will always need to be on your mind for the answers.