Here Are 10 iPad Apps I Like and Use the Most

It is not simple to choose the apps that are in the category most liked on my iPad, but I will try to make a list of apps that are most used on my device.

  • Things. The first app is Things that make my day in a more organized way. The tool organizes my daily activities in the form of projects that allow me easy to follow my own accomplishments.
  • iThoughts HD. I find iThoughts very easy to use as a mind mapping tool. In several minutes, with this cool app I can transform my idea into the real action steps and give it additional improvements.
  • Keynote. This is an office application that helps me to make a really cool presentation in a couple of minutes.
  • Pages. Another application is a powerful substitute for MS Word. It is easy to use and full of features for today’s mobile lives of entrepreneurs.
  • Instapaper. We don’t have time to read something that we find interesting, but we can organize that for our reading time in the future. Here this app gives the best. With one click from different resources, you can store the article that you want to read the future. Because of that you can scan your RSS reader and put everything that’s of your interest in Instapaper to read it later.
  • Kindle. This application and technology change my life. Now I read my books from everywhere – PC, iPhone, or iPad.
  • Blogsy is something that finally satisfies my needs when it comes to the blogging application for the iPad. Even it is not perfect in all aspects that I need, but comparing with other solutions Blogsy is really something special.
  • ReelDirector is something that can allow you to make a video with several clicks combining photos and video clips that you can make from your phone.
  • ProjectPlan HD is another application that increases my productivity, especially when it comes to project planning.
  • OmniGraffle is the most expensive application that I buy for iPad but is has functions that really can save my time, especially when it comes to drawing the diagrams.
Dragan Sutevski

Posted by Dragan Sutevski

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