Careers You Can Pursue With a Business Degree

Out of all the types of bachelor’s degrees, the ones in the fields of business and related programs seem to be the most popular. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, young people feel drawn to business studies and the vast majority of those who get a BA in business also pursue a master’s degree in the same field.

Some studies even talk about the major role played by business education for 14 to 19 year-olds, and how more and more high school students choose to enroll in an economics summer school so that by the time they get to college they are already familiar with basic business concepts.

So, what is it about business education that attracts so many young people? One explanation could be that the modern workplace is all about the young entrepreneur. Kids are encouraged from an early age to have business ideas and implement them in college. Now more than ever, self-made young billionaires have become inspirational role models for digital native teenagers, who rely on platforms like Twitch, Kickstarter, and YouTube to launch their businesses. However, even if you don’t have a dream business in mind or you don’t see yourself working as a manager, a business degree can advance your career in many ways and open lucrative job opportunities. Here are some of the careers you can pursue:

Business consultant

Many business owners are great at a specific job, but they lack the management skills to run day-to-day operations or develop long-term business strategies. This is where a business consultant comes in.

As a business consultant, you will help managers with the know-how they need to overcome business challenges, tap into new opportunities, hire better staff, expand on foreign markets, and increase profits. Managers typically hire external consultants when they feel that their business isn’t growing as expected, so your job will involve pinpointing the obstacles that hinder their growth and suggest solutions.

Examples of tasks for a business consultant:

  • Do S.W.O.T. analysis for business projects
  • Hold presentations on the current status of the business and what can be done in the future
  • Commission market studies to find out how customers perceive the business and how its reputation can be improved
  • Create spreadsheets and databases with company information
  • Generate regular reports on the company situations and keeping the manager up to date

All of these skills can be acquired with the help of training companies. For example, they can show you all the media training tips that you need to become a better spokesperson.

Financial analyst

If you are passionate about money and finance, then you can pursue a career as a financial analyst, as long as you also take an accounting course. All businesses need money to function and all managers want to make a profit, so this is one of the fields where you can easily find employment opportunities, either as an independent analyst or by working for a large accounting firm.

Examples of tasks for a financial analyst:

  • Analyze financial statements
  • Evaluate the company’s current financial situation
  • Generate reports for investors and banks
  • Offer guidance where and how to invest

Business content writer

Although having a business degree isn’t an absolute requirement for getting hired as a business content writer, most respectable businesses are willing to pay more for someone who has an academic background.

One way you can leverage your business degree is to apply for a job as a content marketing manager for a big business. In this case, you will write their website copy, making sure it aligns with their business goals, create a long-term blog post strategy, write press releases, and act as a spokesperson.

But, if you don’t want to limit yourself to writing only about one business field, you can become a business blogger and collaborate with major online publications such as Forbes, Huffington Post, or The Fast Company. This way, you can get paid to write about business mergers, company news, startups, or in-depth analysis of the business world in general.

Digital marketing manager

Digital marketing is one of the most dynamic business fields, mainly because it is so dependent on technology trends. From SEO to social media marketing, digital marketing has many sub-branches that will allow you to put your business degree to practice and grow your employer’s exposure in the online world.

Here are just some of the tasks you can coordinate as a digital marketing manager:

  • Pay-per-click campaigns
  • Social media marketing
  • SEO and SEM
  • Email marketing
  • Video ads
  • Content marketing

One word of caution, however. Digital marketing is one of those fast-evolving fields where trends and best practices change almost every year. So, in addition to your business degree, you will need to invest in continuous education, otherwise, your employment opportunities will be limited.

Business teacher

Do you love business, but at the same time you have amazing interpersonal skills and you love sharing knowledge with others? A career as a business teacher is perfect for you.

Becoming a business teacher in high school and college is not an easy path and, apart from your business degree, you will also need a degree in teacher training. Until you get there, other opportunities you can explore include private tutoring lessons for students who want to get into business school, offering online courses, or even being a keynote speaker for local business conferences.

Many business graduates avoid a teaching career, fearing that people associate business teachers with failed entrepreneurs, but this isn’t always the public perception. Aspiring managers need education and training, and working as a teacher pays off.

Internet entrepreneur

Do you want to your business degree to good use, but you feel that opportunities on your local market are limited or you don’t have the necessary capital? The Internet has changed the way business is done, so becoming an Internet entrepreneur is always an option.

Whether you’re just looking for a side hustle or you want to start with a small online business and turn it into a massive success, there are many paths you can explore. For example, you can use your degree to run affiliate marketing programs for different websites, monetize a blog, collaborate with brands on social media, or write a best-selling eBook. No matter what your personality type is, a business degree can be very versatile and open many doors.

Dragan Sutevski

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