The Best Resources Where You Can Find Business Ideas

business opportunities and ideas

Business opportunities and ideas are starting point for every business. They are important because the business potential energy at startup levels depends on the ideas that you will implement.

Previously, I have written about increasing creativity for a business idea generation process. Here I want to present another process that in combination with creativity can help you in generating more business opportunities and ideas for your small business.

You can find great business ideas from different sources that can be newspapers, magazines, internet, talking with friends, etc. In this post, I want to write something about the internet as a source of business ideas.

How Can the Internet Help You?

First, I want to note that the internet can help you in two different ways to generate business ideas:

  • Find problems that you can quickly transform into business ideas.
  • Find ready business ideas from blogs and websites that cover that topic.

The first way is a more creative way and can use it for generating different ideas. These are some of the aspects that we talk in the second step of a business idea creation process – finding problems. You can use the internet as a source of information about problems.

The second way is when you go to the website that covers topics about business ideas and finds several that you can take to start a company. This can be a very powerful source of a different business idea, and you can use them as is. But, I recommend to modify them with your creativity to identify more specific problems.

business opportunities and ideas

I was spending some time in analyzing internet for websites that cover topics of business ideas. Here, I want to recommend you five internet resources that I think it is worthy to follow when you want to generate business ideas.

Top 5 Best Resources for Business Opportunities and Ideas

  1. Entrepreneur. The first and maybe the best source where you can find ideas is The categorization is perfect, and you can search business ideas by interest, category or profession. This will save you time in exploring all business ideas, and you can search only business ideas that match your skills. Also, there is the ability to select the startup cost range when searching which will save you time exploring ideas for which you don’t have money to invest.
  2. Cool Business Ideas. This is a website that as a topic has only business ideas. Here you can find a high number of brand new promising business ideas and opportunities from around the world. You can search business ideas only by categories and month of publishing of the idea. This website is a trustworthy source of new business ideas that you can use to generate your own.
  3. Springwise. Springwise is a website that covers different promising business ventures, ideas and concepts. You can explore ideas by industry. Here you can find unusual business ideas that you can use in the process of generating your business ideas.
  4. Business Opportunities and Ideas. This is a blog that covers topics about business opportunities and ideas. Here you can find a category related to business ideas where you can explore them.
  5. Business Idea Forum. A fifth internet source where you can find inspiring business ideas is Business Idea Forum. This is a forum where users can post, discuss, and see new business ideas.  Also, this forum is the place to meet potential partners. You can explore business ideas that have quality categorization.

You can use all of them, but don’t forget to start with increasing your creativity as a first. With the combination of your creativity, business ideas on previously mentioned resources, and specification of customer’s problems you will have a business idea that with higher business potential energy.