Organizational Change Process – Why You Need It?

organizational changes - drivers of organizational change
We leave in time when the change is something must have in each businesses. On the other hand the pressure from the environment push entrepreneurs to always work on finding the better ways to improve their business. Improvements needs changes.

Everyday when you come to the work you think about possible improvements that you need to implement. That’s the change processes. Sometimes small improvements in small period of time, sometimes big projects in longer period of time that can have big improvements in your everyday business operations.

But, the question is how you can continue to work on your organizational change processes, that sometimes can be more than one in the same period of time, and stay focused on the important business informations while you want to find the ways also to improve that processes.

Here, when I talk about organizational changes, I think about all possible changes in the organization, not only in the organizational design in your business. You can implement changes in the cost structures, improvement of the technology, change in sales and marketing processes…

In my personal experience, sometimes I work on several different change processes. Some of them rapid, with big impact on the performance of my business, but some of them smaller everyday improvements. What I need and what I want is to have ability to manage that different processes more effectively and find the ways to improve the next cycles of the similar projects of organizational changes.

Let’s see why you need some formal, or written on the paper organizational change procedures.

#1 Quick Start With the Changes

Organizational changes process will help you quickly to start with the changes. If you have something written down that will tell you what will be your next steps it will be much easier to start. You don’t think about improvement of the implementation, you think only to start as quickly as possible. Remember that your business operate in very dynamically environment, and each delays of the start can be harmful for your business. You want to be always one step ahead of your competition.

#2 Reduce Resistance to Change

Organizational change process can reduce resistance to change. When people know that the change is something normal, and what they can expect in the future, during the implementation then the probability of resistance to change will be much lower than if you work and implement the changes without defined procedures. Think about that. What for you will be more acceptable, to work on something that you know what will be your next steps, or to work in the highly uncertain environment? Your organizational changes procedure will decrease that uncertainty.

#3 Changes Are Constants That Must Be Implemented

You need to know that the change is one big constant in your business. You need to change yourself, or the market will change you. In such a case you are not the person that will have the control of the future of your business. Because of that you will need always to be in the some types of change processes. If you have precisely defined organizational change process it will be much easier for you to manage them.

#4 You Can Quickly See Your Own Progress

Your organizational change process will enable you as an entrepreneur quickly to see the progress that you make with each of the implementation processes. You can quickly find all possible “bottle necks” thats are dangerous for the process, and quickly eliminate them. In such a way you can improve the implementation in the style “improve as you go”. That’s very big imperative for every entrepreneur.

#5 You Can See Possible Improvements for the Future

When you work according preciously defined procedures, you can see possible improvements for the future, and because of that you will always have the better process in the next organizational changes cycles. That’s something called as continuous improvement.

You don’t need too much time to define your organizational change process. But, you will need to follow and improve it every time when you implement it. What you will get is worth your time and efforts now when you will start defining the organizational change process.

What you think about your organizational change process? Do you have one on the paper?