Subscription Box Fulfillment: 5 Tips And Tricks

subscription box fulfillment

Most people prefer to stay at home nowadays, because of that businesses and delivery services are constantly on their toes. Online shopping used to be unavailable for the general public but is now accessible to anyone with a smartphone. You can buy almost everything online, like clothes, groceries, and anything under the sun.

And because most people prefer to shop in the comforts of their home, many opt to order subscription boxes. These boxes contain goods based on the niche interest of the subscriber. It’s a part of a marketing strategy and a method of product distribution. They’re most often delivered every month for as long as the customer has an existing subscription.

If you have a new subscription box service, here are a couple of tips to ensure every box gets to its destination in good condition and on time.

1. Know How Much Items You Need

As much as people want to receive a lot of stuff in one box, sometimes, it’s impractical and just not feasible. When you have a specific niche (beauty products, food, etc.), you must include only the essential items. For instance, if you’re sending subscription boxes for weekly meal plans, only put the ingredients needed for every recipe that week. 

Having a finalized list of every item per box allows you to track inventory and ensure every subscriber receives the same amount. It’ll also be easier for your business’ service partner, like Selery Fulfillment, to create boxes that’ll fit everything and deliver these boxes on time.

Additional items can also increase the box’s weight. So, if you want to avoid extra shipping charges, it’s best to keep the contents at a minimum.

2. Have A Dedicated Printing Station

Designate a space for printing and wrapping, and keep it organized and systematic all the time. It’s advisable not to keep computers and printers in the same area where boxes are being labeled to prevent misplacing shipping labels and other documents.

Include a whiteboard and some sticky notes on your printing station to remind you of changes in logistics, orders, item availability, and delivery schedules. Having these supplies nearby helps you avoid fulfillment lapses and incomplete content. 

3. Put Up A Fulfillment Communications Board

Your e-commerce software might already record every successful shipment and delivery you’ve fulfilled. But there will be circumstances when the software won’t track some deliveries, particularly those special deliveries that didn’t undergo the regular process.

When these situations happen, it’s handy to have a digital communications board separate from your e-commerce app. It can be as simple as a Google spreadsheet with team member access. 

Members from different teams can record fulfillment changes and requests through this board, so everyone’s still in the loop. Information in the board can include customer requests, item swaps, and similar concerns. 

Your customer service team and other remote team members will also benefit from a fulfillment communications board. No one in your business will be left behind, and customers will remain satisfied. Client satisfaction is crucial for any business, and successful fulfillment rates are only the tip of the iceberg for retaining your customers.

4. Use Simple But Durable Boxes

If you’re new to the subscription box business, you might get excited to ship items in custom boxes with a bit of flair. But as a newbie, a plain yet sturdy shipping box is still an excellent choice.

Different companies offer different boxes in all forms and sizes. Search and compare rates of reputable manufacturers you can partner with, so you can source the right type of box for your needs. Go for simple, high-quality boxes that are worth the price. You can customize these boxes on your own with affordable designs like stickers or packing tape bearing your brand’s name or logo. In the near future, when you have the budget for it, you can shift to custom boxes.

Customers appreciate a little effort on the packaging of their orders, but if you’re starting, they’ll focus more on the contents. 

Subscription Box Fulfillment Tips and Tricks

5. Pack Items On A Designated Fulfillment Line

Your team must prepare orders in a clean area separate from the other workstations. Whether you’re only shipping items once a month or every day, having a designated area for packing avoids mishaps and missing items before shipment.

Keep this area as spacious as possible. Your fulfillment team will move around a lot while working, so it’s best to have everything they need within reach. Having a fulfillment line helps organize the process and saves you and your team’s time. To make things flow easier, facilitate a step-by-step assembly line so that everything would be in order.

Starting a subscription box business takes some getting used to, but you’ll eventually get the hang of it. Once everything feels like second nature, you can try out ways to grow your subscription-based startup to make you, your team, and your customers happier with new ideas and new products in the future.

Shipping Out Success

Subscription boxes are a fun way to send out multiple products at once. You’re assured to deliver a box to each customer within a recurring period. Like any online business, maintaining smooth fulfillment processes is tricky the first time around. Learn from mistakes and find out what works best for your team. You’ll soon enjoy shipping out a box full of goodies every month that you might wish you could do it every day.