3 Tips for Running A Successful Brewery

3 Tips for Running A Successful Brewery

As the craft ale trend has truly set into the cultural mindset, there’s a surge in support for independent breweries.

And launching one of your own is a great business opportunity. Some might assume that it’s a saturated market, but with the right approach, you can establish a brewery brand that captures what consumers love about craft ale and exudes personality at the same time.

Don’t know where to start? Check out these three tips for launching your own brewery.  

1. Business planning matters

Starting a business is a major commitment, and one that comes with huge potential for reward.

But alongside that comes the prospect of risk, and to make sure it pays off, you need to ensure that every decision you make is adequately planned ahead.

From financing your brand to finding premises and having a team of staff you can rely on, as well as great partners working in support, by setting these safety nets in place early on, you’ll give your business its strongest possible start. And there are some great resources out there for small business owners – take a look at Gov.uk to find resources for help and support.

2. Branding is everything

When people think of breweries (and brands in general) with successful marketing campaigns, Brewdog is without a doubt amongst the most popular examples to come to mind. Their brand of craft ales, along with their chain of pubs, is internationally recognised not only for their fantastic product range but equally for their exceptional and innovative advertisement campaigns.

These include a strong social media presence that captures its audience perfectly, leading with humour and interacting with customers and other brands to engage consumers’ imaginations. This distinctive form of brand storytelling is one of the major reasons for Brewdog’s success, and while you shouldn’t aim to copycat, it’s good to have that same understanding of your own niche to target your customers well.

If you’re starting locally, a social media campaign can still help you get off the ground, as can collaboration with other local businesses to help spread brand awareness and capitalise on word of mouth to build a customer base for your brewery.

3. Be practical

Once you have all of the above in place, there’s a lot more to running your brewery successfully than pure ambition.

You’ll be faced with strict guidelines, and require a thorough set up to ensure safe, secure production of your beers and ales. There will be a surprising number of experienced resources to call upon though, including Smart Storm Group who have worked with a number of breweries on water management and more

In business, little is more important than making sure things are done by the book, from managing your finances to the everyday running.

Whilst this is by no means a comprehensive list, these are just a few tips for getting your goals off the ground in this promising and ever-growing market.