Why Your Workplace Talks More About Your Business Than You

Why Your Workplace Talks More About Your Business Than You

A business deal begins long before customers visit the company’s office they want to support. The truth is that the office and your workplace will be where they conclude their business and will, in many cases, be a deal breaker if the office doesn’t meet their expectations.

Although some companies don’t care too much about the décor and finished look of their offices, they should if they want to show clients that they mean business. For example, when considering office furniture, many still believe that the basics are sufficient.

However, according to Statista, this market has seen enormous growth and innovation to make offices look more professional while providing more team member comfort. So what are the unspoken truths an office will hold? Read more below to see just how loud your workplace can talk about your business:

1. Portrays A Professional Image

Customers will often already form an opinion of a company by their communications with the employees, but when they visit the office for the first time, their impressions may change. The client will feel validated in their trust in the company, or they will be wary of investing further.

Clients who see modern office desks and a clean, organized office will feel that the company will take care of their needs just like they do their office. There is a fine line to balance between seeming too controlled and clinical and simply looking professional, which is something each organization should find for itself.

As companies have different operational needs, they will have to find a look and feel for the office that will portray their company values and help them with the professional image customers prefer when walking through the door.

2. Improves The Customer Experience

Businesses are currently focusing significantly on customer experience and their journey with the company. How the clients perceive the office will contribute to this experience; without speaking an audible word, the workplace will tell them everything they need to know.

If the departments have a proper layout, it isn’t too crowded, and the décor speaks of efficiency and experience, customers will find it much easier to open up about their business needs. On the other hand, with strategically placed name plaques, degrees or certificates, and a few personal items like a photo of the family, clients will believe that behind the stern businesslike façade is a person who will get a good grasp of their human needs.

Furthermore, offering the client a cup of coffee, putting out a bowl with mints, or providing other comforts in the waiting area will allow them to linger longer and successfully conclude their business. Unpleasant workplaces will see the clients leaving faster than they arrived, affecting the valuable time they are willing to part with for negotiations.

Workplace Talks About Your Business

3. Teams Are More Productive

A clean, organized environment boosts morale among team members and will, in turn, improve their productivity. Moreover, happy employees will provide better customer service and be more agreeable with others in the office.

Clients will pick up on the mood or vibe of the office long before any of the employees open their mouths to welcome them in. Workplaces that are too cluttered could overwhelm teams, which becomes visible in their drive. The opposite will unfortunately also be true.

Workplaces that seem too clinical or minimalistic could build anxiety in team members as they will get the impression that everything has to be and remain perfect. What’s more is that when employees feel this way, customers will notice it too.

4. Demonstrates The Company Growth

Organizations have one common goal despite their different products and services: to grow and improve their bottom line. When a company is doing great, its customers expect the workplace to reflect this. However, when there is a mismatch between the office’s look and the company’s business sense, this will become palpable when clients visit.

In the end, clients may lose respect or trust in the people they hoped would take care of their business interests. Although growing doesn’t necessarily have to translate to larger offices in a sought-after area, companies can achieve the same sense of growth when they upgrade the furniture and amenities of their workspaces.

The Final Word

How customers view a workplace doesn’t come to mind when discussing their journey, although it leaves a lasting mark on their perception of the business. Without verbalizing anything, a workspace will convey many secrets of the company and its employees.

Companies who thus want to marry their work ethic with their clients’ perceptions and impressions will have to keep a close eye on how they organize their offices. After all, portraying a professional image starts with the visuals the clients are met with upon each visit.